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Basic completed male mesh

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A complete male mesh that I did in 3DS Max. Hardest part was getting morphing to work in game. Uploaded here because for some reason, Bethesda only provided a full mesh for female charactes.

This file contains only the MaleBody_0.nif and MaleBody_1.nif
If you plan on using the nif files just to get a speedo wearing nude, the files should be placed in "Data\meshes\actors\character\character assets"

Obj Optional file contains MaleBody_0.obj, MaleBody_0.mtl, MaleBody_1.obj, and MaleBody.mtl
I haven't done any testing with the obj files. I just used Nifskope to export them.

3DS optional file contains two .max files for the bodies

As this is a resource file, I freely give permission to use the files I created.