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HD versions of almost every single texture in Solitude.

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UPDATE 4/10/15

Apparently this mod was never truly made out of date by the 2KHD ones, so it's still useful (thanks for pointing this out, thiefmasque). I have removed the old message saying I won't do anything else with it to avoid confusion, but I still think that 2KHD adds some really high quality individual assets and think it's more than worth looking into.

Also of note: the screenshots are from V1. The blue-looking stone wall tiles and the "wet" look of the ground in the final screenshot have since been fixed. I may at some point upload new screens, but rest assured that it doesn't actually look wonky.

Updates or more textures may come in the coming months.


UPDATE 11/26/11
Uploaded new versions with original normal maps (at time of this writing, 2048x version still uploading), and a 1024x version, The originals don't have the overly bright issue, and add more depth, but don't have as much grain. I recommend the new ones, but if you really want the grain and shiny, you'll have to endure the 200mb download and the wood patch :P. Images are of the old version, but I'll put up some screens soon. The difference from the old one isn't huge. Some textures have been altered slightly aside from normal maps.

Additionally, because the normal maps are the originals (512x) even the 2048x version should have less issues than the previous one with memory.

Windows have not been edited yet.

Almost every texture has been enhanced. If it wasn't enhanced, it wasn't included to save download time. An update may come that includes windows and the few other things that weren't changed, but in the meantime this will replace almost every one. They are mostly 4X the size of the originals (now 2048x2048), doors are 2X. Includes enhanced normal maps.

To install, unpack this to your skyrim>data folder. If you already have a texture mod, merging the texture folders will not mess with other files unless you already have new or unpacked Solitude textures.