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Mod "Toa Races", v1.5

Mod adds to the game:
6 Toa races (6 basic Toa Elements - Fire, Water, Ice, Stone, Air, Earth)
new spells for each race
17 new weapons
13 new armor types (wich change color according to Toa color)
15 masks (7 Great Kanohi + 6 Noble Kanohi)
2 new locations
6 Toa companions (Legendary Toa Mata)
1 new type of creatures
1 quest
Bionicle insignia

-TES V Skyrim with Dawnguard and Dragonborn (or Skyrim Legendary Edition)
-SKSE (you can get it for free on Steam or on the official website
Not supported Skyrim Special edition (not tested)

Strongly recommendedd to disable or remove any mods (if installed) that :
1) adds new races
2) changes settings of vanilla races
3) changes race/character menu
4) changes process of mining ore
5) are associated with flight, levitation, etc.

Delete all old files of the previous version of our mod (if installed)

Strongly recommended NOT to use the saves made in old version of the mod

Start the game via SKSE shortcut

If you plan to walkthough Skyrim story quests, then:
start a new game, create a standard character, at the Guardian Stones (on the way from Helgen) read the "Traveller's Diary", follow the quest

If you do not plan to play the story quests, then:
lunch the game, while in the main menu, open the console ("~" on keyboard), type command "coc bioroom", follow the quest

Mod "Races Toa", v1.5, ENG
Authors: Aresnir, Teridax
Thanks for the help: iferot, anton24032001, Bloody.XaTuKo, Andrey Ryabinin, Lexonn, ./ \., Qwrd13, Richard Allen, NORBERT500, Roodaka, etc.