About this mod

Play as customized Bionicle character, use bionicle weapons, elemental powers, mask abilites and meet Toa Mata in legendary Codrex!

Permissions and credits
You can now download version of this mod for Skyrim SE here!

Contents of plugin:

12 New Races:
  • Toa of Fire:
  • Available colors: Red, Dark red as basic; Grey, Orange, Yellow as secondaryMagic spells: Flames, Fireball, Fire breath and Fire Blast (as super talent, that can be used once a day)Abilities: 100% Resistance of fire, 25 Weakness of ice.
  • Toa of Air
  • Available colors: Green, Dark Green, Lime, Sand green as basic; Grey, Lime, Sand green, Bluish Green as secondaryMagic spells: Unrelenting Force, Air VolleyAbilities: Higher jumping, Faster speed, Health regeneration on air.
  • Toa of Ice
  • Available colors: White, Grey, Light Grey, Sand blue as basic; and same colors also as secondaryMagic spells: Frostbite, Ice Spike, Frost Breath, Ice Form and Blizzard (as super talent, that can be used once a day)Abilities: 100% Resistance of frost, and 25% weakness of fire
  • Toa of Water
  • Available colors: Blue, Dark blue and Medium blue as basic; Dark Grey, Lime, Medium blue and White as secondaryMagic spells: Water ball, Water spray and Water Volley and Storm Call (as super talant)Abilities: Resistance to poisons and diseases, increased heal rate under rain.
  • Toa of Stone
  • Available colors: Brown, Dark flesh, Tan and Orange as basic; Dark Grey, Sand yellow and Tan as secondaryMagic spells: Sand spray, small rocks, boulders, and stone flashAbilities: Stamina regeneration on clear weather
  • Toa of Earth
  • Available colors: Black, Dark Grey and Violet  as basic; Dark Grey, Grey and Black as secondaryMagic spells: Earth spray, Ball of earth, Earthquake and Night visionAbilities: 25% Resistance of fire, 10% light sensitivity (as Vampire), Health regeneration under the ground (and in all interiors)
  • Ta-Matoran
  • Availible colors: Red, Dark Red, Yellow as basic, Black, Red, Yellow as secondary
  • Ga-Matoran
  • Availible colors: Blue, Meduim Blue
  • Le-Matoran
  • Availible colors: Green, Lime, Turquoise
  • Ko-Matoran
  • Availible colors:  White, Sand Blue, Gray
  • Po-Matoran
  • Availible colors: Brown, Dark Orange, Tan, Black
  • Onu-Matoran
  • Availible colors: Black, Gray, Purple
All matoran characters can't use masks powers and armor.

New Armor:
All Toa Armor can be wear only on Toa character!  All armor and masks adopts to main color of Toa.
  • 4 types of wrist armor 
  • 2 types of thig armor
  • 2 types of shin armor
  • 2 types of Boots (regular Toa Mata and Pohatu's variant - Advanced boots)
  • Also, Toa Hands (2 types) and Claws (2 colors), made as gloves (full hand replacement)

16 Kanohi Masks:
We made six basic Toa Masks, so you can wear any of them. All masks add magic spell to player when equiped. Use Z key for activate mask ability. Masks only works if you a Toa.
  • Kanohi Hau - mask of shielding. Adds a magic shield ability to the wearer. The sheild converts health damage to stamina damage.
  • Kanohi Kaukau - mask of Water Breathing. Allows the user to breathe underwater
  • Kanohi Pakari - mask of strength. 
  • Kanohi Akaku - mask of X-Ray Vision. Adds a x-ray vision ability (modified detect life spell) 
  • Kanohi Kakama - mask of speed. Encreases speed of player for few seconds. 
  • Kanohi Miru - mask of Levitation. Encreases player jump height when activated.
  • Transparent Lime Kanohi Miru - same as regular Miru
  • Noble Kanohi Huna - mask of concealment. Allows player to become invisible.
  • Noble Kanohi Rau - mask of translation. Helps to read encrypted messages.
  • Noble Kanohi Mahiki - mask of illusion. Creates 2 ghost copy of player to distruct enemies. 
  • Noble Kanohi Matatu - mask of telekinesis. Allows player to telekinetically manipulate objects.
  • Noble Kanohi Ruru - mask of night vision. Adds night vision ability.
  • Noble Kanohi Komau - mask of mind control. Adds ability to calm enemies.
  • Infected Kanohi Hau - same as regular Hau.
  • Chrome Hau - same as regular Hau mask
  • Kanohi Vahi - Mask of Time. Gives ability to slow time around player
  • Kanohi Gaaha - mask of fictional Toa Voriki 

New Weapons
  • Toa Tahu's Fire Sword,
  • Toa Kopaka\'s Ice Sword,
  • Toa Lewa's Axe (in two versions - as war axe and battleaxe)
  • Toa Kopaka\'s Ice shield (with transparent sectors).
  • Toa Gali's Hook (works as war axe)
  • Protosteel Hook
  • Protosteel Sword
  • Protosteel Battleaxe
  • Turaga Vakama's Fire stuff
  • Turaga Nokama's Water Trident
  • Turaga Whenua Earth Drill
  • Turaga Matau's Kau Kau Staff (with rotating blade)
  • Turaga Onewa's Stone hammer
  • Turaga Nuji's Ice Pick
  • Throwing bamboo disks, which can be picked up and used again.
  • Thowable Madu fruit
  • Toa Voriki's Staff of Energy
New Quest:
A small quest will help you become a Toa. During this, you will asked to choose your Toa name, Element, Basic and Secondary color, eyes color. You will go to legendary Codrex, light it up with lightstones and meet Toa Mata themselves!

New Enemies:
Flying Chaurus Hunters, retextured as Nui-Rama
Avohkahs - electric ghosts, inhabitants of Codrex
Fikou spiders - pecefull Rahi.

-TES V Skyrim with Dawnguard and Dragonborn (or Skyrim Legendary Edition)
-SKSE (you can get it for free on Steam or on the official website
Not supported Skyrim Special edition (not tested)

Strongly recommendedd to disable or remove any mods (if installed) that : 
1) adds new races
2) changes settings of vanilla races
3) changes race/character menu 
4) changes process of mining ore
5) are associated with flight, levitation, etc.

Delete all old files of the previous version of our mod (if installed)
Strongly recommended NOT to use the saves made in old version of the mod

Start the game via SKSE shortcut
If you plan to walkthough Skyrim story quests, then:
start a new game, create a standard character, at the Guardian Stones (on the way from Helgen) read the "Traveller's Diary", follow the quest
If you do not plan to play the story quests, then:
lunch the game, while in the main menu, open the console ("~" on keyboard), type command "coc bioroom", follow the quest