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Complete Texture Overhaul for all Farmhouses and some More

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Very Important if you want to have the same look as in the Screenshots. I am using Realistic Lightning Overhaul and Unreal Cinema ENB
Please Install these two Mods if you want to have the same look like mine.

[size=18]Here are the links - please Install them first or everything will look too Shiny and too Saturated ![/size]
Realistic Lightning Overhaul
Unreal Cinema ENB Directors Cut Final

Another Project Skyrim HD ! My Goal is to bring you Finest HD Textures for a better Gaming Experience. This Mod will Orientate to give you Realistic looking Textures while still staying Game Friendly. Of course HD Retexturing is also a kind of taste. I tried to stay as Lore Friendly as Possible but Still keeping my Style in it. This Mod will also Orientate to Match into the World of Skyrim without giving it a messy look. There are a lot of HD Packs out there and everybody uses different packs at the same time. So this Mod should also be compatible with other HD Packs and will perfectly match into them.

So what this Mod does:
  • All Farmhouses are Retextured
  • New Roofs (Stone+Thatched ones)
  • New Thatch interiors
  • New Stonefloors ( Inside the Houses and Inns )
  • New Wood ( Dark/Brown)
  • New Woodposts
  • New Windows
  • New Ropes
  • New Stonewalls
  • New Walkways
  • New Woodwalls
  • New Small Stonewalls
  • New Farmhouse LOD
  • New Carts
  • New Choppingblock
  • New Firewood
  • New Stockade
  • New Trees Texture !
  • And there are also Updates for both Resolutions please make sure to Install them to make everything complete !!! The Update will also make the LOD better working !

And some More other Things. I dont want to bore you reading all this. Just Install the Full Pack and you will See it. And dont forget to Download and to Install the Update Files in The Download Section at the Bottom ! They will also make the Lod better working !

[size=12]This is a Short Video how the Mod will look Correct with Realistic Lightning and Unreal Cinema ENB[/size]

I recommand watching the Videos in Full HD 1080p

For now everything is available in 2 Different Resolutions !

2K 2048x2048


1K 1024x1024 ( I was Shoked by the 1K Fantastic looking Graphic, I did not except this ) All 1K Textures have been Sharpened out and the Normal Maps have been Smoothed.
Also the 1K Textures will give the Best Performance.Even that my Standard is 2K I use this Texture Pack now in 1K.

Please Endorse this Mod as I go along and work on more for the Community to create New Mods.

It is also Welcome if you add your Own Screenshots. A lot of People use differnt ENBs or other Enhancer with other Texture Packs.
It is always interesting and good to know how it looks on other Systems with different Configurations. ( This can also help to Create better looking Textures )

Installation as Usual ! Simply unpack the Archive . Choose your Resolution Folder - Open it and drop the data Folder that is Inside into your Skyrim Main Directory.

For now Thats it !
I hope you Enjoy this Textures.

Credits to Nexus and Bethesda of course for all content shown here !

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[size=8]Please Click on the Images[/size]