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This mod places ovens and churns added by the Hearthfire DLC throughout Skyrim. Main cities, settlements, and player houses are covered in separate files for maximum compatibility.

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Update - January, 2023 - If anyone wants to port this mod to Special Edition please do so. The churn script source is available as an optional download from my other mod. Please upload only to the Nexus, thank you.

Update - May, 2017 - I thank everyone for trying out and enjoying my work. I am no longer active with Skyrim or modding as a whole, so I'd like to change the permissions and say feel free to use any asset of this mod in your own work, but try and upload only to the Nexus. Just throw me a link, I like seeing what people come up with.


Files and their Changes
Permissions and Credits

Hearthfire DLC required.

This mod places ovens and churns added by the Hearthfire DLC throughout Skyrim. Main cities, settlements, and player houses are covered in separate files for maximum compatibility.

Main feature of my other mod - Workable Churns is also included. This allows you to turn a jug of milk into butter. No more waiting for when it respawns! If you were using Workable Churns, you don't need it anymore.

Use the Nexus Mod Manager to activate the mod. The installation process will guide you through the available options.

=Files and their Changes=
Major Cities
This option edits the five major walled cities. It adds ovens and churns in their inns, the jarlhouses/keeps, and also in a few special places where appropriate, e.g. Windhelm's New Gnisis Cornerclub.

Areas affected:
Whiterun Bannered Mare
Whiterun Dragonsreach Palace

Windhelm Palace of Kings
Windhelm Candlehearth Hall
Windhelm New Gnisis Cornerclub
Windhelm Argonian Assemblage

Solitude Winking Skeever
Solitude Blue Palace

Markarth Silver Blood Inn
Markarth Understone Keep

Riften Mistveil Keep Barracks
Riften Bee and Barb

Minor Cities and Settlements
Affects minor cities, settlements, and inns. Almost all settlements now have ovens and churns, whether in the inn or in a major house.

Areas affected:
Morthal Moorside Inn
Winterhold Frozen Hearth Cellar
Falkreath Dead Man's Drink
Dawnstar Windpeak Inn

Karthwasten Hall
Stonehills Sorli's House
Ivarstead Vilemyr Inn
Kynesgrove Braidwood Inn
Rorikstead Frostfruit Inn
Riverwood Sleeping Giant Inn
Shor's Stone Sylgja's House

Player Houses
Adds ovens and churns in player homes. They are disabled by default and come when the appropriate upgrade is bought.

Breezehome - Churn available with the kitchen upgrade.
Honeyside - Churn with the kitchen area, oven with the alchemy lab.
Vlindrel Hall - Oven and churn with the living room upgrade.
Hjerim - Oven and churn with the kitchen upgrade.
Proudspire Manor - A separate little room was created in the basement. Oven and churn along with safe storage comes with the alchemy upgrade.

Also, every file edits the churns in the Hearthfire houses to use my new script.

Compatible with Perseid's Inns and Taverns - Realistic Room Rental Enhanced. Do not use the Hearthfire patch from his mod to ensure compatibility. I have placed the ovens and churns to make sure it works both with vanilla and Perseid's mod.

Realistic Needs and Diseases - an option is available during the Nexus Mod Manager installation, allowing you to convert 2 milk bottles into a jug to create butter with the churn.

=Permissions and Credits=
You do not have permission to upload this mod anywhere, or take parts of it as your own without my permission. If you want to make a translation, feel free to upload it here on the Nexus.