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This mod replaces the Deathbrand Armor with a black retexture, and replaces the Deathbrand Weapons with colored stalhrim swords.

Permissions and credits

I was disappointed with the vanilla Deathbrand Armor, as it was far too bright for a marauding pirate to wear. So I used Faelrin's Darker Stalhrim retexture to make the Deathbrand Armor black.

I also never liked the vanilla scimitar model, and the fact that the two Deathbrand Swords looked exactly the same, also disappointed me. So I used pookyrune's Stalneisti and Staleldur standalone stalhrim weapon mod, to make the two swords red and violet stalhrim swords. emieri00 also contacted me, and gave me thinner stalhrim sword meshes, let me know what you think of them.

Also, emieri00 suggested I use Void Salts as a kind of dye to improve the armor. So now the armor requires stalhrim and void salts to be improved, Bloodscythe and Soulrender only require stalhrim. Let me know if you do or don't like this.

I have included the files necessary for Dual Sheath Redux in the main file by defualt, and the proper meshes in the De-LARPed mesh replacer.

This mod edits the armor and weapons, so any mod that edits their traits, damage, encantments, etc. Are not compatible. You can easily make a patch using TES5Edit, found here:
This mod uses copies of the Stalhrim armor meshes, with redid texture maps. It uses the default normal texture file for stalhrim, and thats it, so it's compatible with mesh/texture replacers of the vanilla Stalhrim armor.
This mod should work for all genders and races, if you find any compatibility issues, contact me.

I have gotten permission from the very generous Faelrin and pookyrune to use their mods for this replacer, found here: