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Alternate book fonts, including Planewalker (Magic Cards) from Morrowind.

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This mod is no longer supported.

I'm leaving the files up for whoever wants them, as they won't ruin your game or anything, but there are better alternatives out there. If you're installing things manually, remember to back up the files it overwrites.

I love reading the in-game books, but find the default font used difficult to read at times. While at first I only uploaded Planewalker, I don't see anything wrong with including a few more. If you have any suggestions please let me know, I won't promise to add all of them but I am curious to see what others want. Note that I'm only going to add fonts whose licensing allows it.

Current fonts available:
Old Typefaces

If the font you want isn't up here and its licensing doesn't allow for conversion, you can do it yourself. Using the sIRF Generator (, you can convert ttf font files to swf files, which the game can use. Note that some fonts may not have all the characters necissary, and I've found that some don't work even if they do though I can't figure out why. After this, you need to edit the file 'fontconfig.txt' in your interface folder like so:

Add the following line:
fontlib "Interface\yourfontname.swf"

And change the following line:
map "$SkyrimBooks" = "SkyrimBooks_Gaelic" Normal
map "$SkyrimBooks" = "yourfontname" Normal

Obviously, replace yourfontmane with whatever you called the swf file.

If you're using another mod that edits fonts, you'll likely have to edit the fontconfig.txt as shown above.

Screenshots also show the book texture from Realistic Paper (, which I highly recommend.