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Kitten by Neo

Created by Meister aka Neovinci

by kasprutz (Dancing character : Selene kate - )

Dream Girl TBBP (Modified by DanielTDrea and Neo)

This is a female Armour set for sneaky type characters.

Originally it made as a limited edition for my local community members.

But now, I found Petrovich's new pretty body type "Dream Girl", and I thought DG type will be well matched with it. so I converted and release on NEXUS.

now Dream Girl BBP, TBBP, UNPBB BBP and TBBP version available.

- Black and White set.

- Tail and No Tail.

- Glass and Ebony material.

- Light and Heavy types.

- Helmets not support for Argonian and Khajit races.

- You can't make it at any forge. but can temper.

- You can get these armours in a bag near by Riverwood Village(Screenshot).
It will be respawned few days after you got. (in game time)

- I know this is very lore-unfriendly. so don't talk about lore-things.

- There is possibility contorted unnaturally with some active poses.

especially when you mix with other armours.

- Use 7z tool, Unzip and Drag into DATA folder where your Skyrim is installed.


- It based on Dream Girl Body type but UNP characters can use it.

- I'm not considering to convert to other body types.

Requirements before use it

for DG version : Petrovich's "Dream Girl" Body -





For new pretty body and base normal textures,
Petrovich's "Dream Girl" :

For cute Hair for Kitten Helmets,
Radioragae's "Hair packs of TES IV Oblivion for Female Only" :

For nice poses and his works shown example images,
Halofarm :


dimon99 for DIMONIZED UNP female body

Calyps for nice UNPB female body.
MrTroubleMaker and XP32
MrTroubleMaker Clothing :
UNPB Redux :

Hellosanta for nice textures, SG Female Textures Renewal.

tktk1 for Enhanced Character Edit.

Skulltyrant for custom Skeleton Replacers TBBP

xp32, for the skeleton

fore for the very nice tool set - FNIS

Naver "Testinghall" members.

Naver "Elderscroll7" members.

Naver "Escroll" members.

Blender developers.


and my thief girl "Tsuntsun".


This mod is "Skyrim Nexus" exclusive. Do not redistribute or upload on any other sites without my permission.