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Last updated at 3:01, 6 Sep 2013 Uploaded at 3:03, 6 Sep 2013

This mod adds all of the steel armor and weapons but with daedric quality. The new steel armor is called Elite Steel Armor. It will only be craftable when your smithing is at level 100 and you have the perk "Dragon and Elite Steel Armor". Instead of using Steel Ingots while smithing you will need to use Elite Steel Ingots. You can buy these ingots at Warmaidens in Whiterun or you can smelt them yourself. This mod is great for the adventurer who wants the armor bonus but still wants to look like an adventurer in the process. Note that the regular steel equipment has not been touched so you don't have to be worried about the mod being unbalanced.

Here is a list of the new armor added:
-Elite Steel Armor (with pauldrons and without pauldrons)
-Elite Steel Cuffed Boots
-Elite Steel Nordic Gauntlets
-Elite Steel Helmet
-Elite Steel Horned Helmet
-Elite Steel Shield

Here are the weapons added:
-Elite Steel Sword
-Elite Steel Dagger
-Elite Steel Mace
-Elite Steel War Axe
-Elite Steel Greatsword
-Elite Steel Battleaxe
-Elite Steel Warhammer

Recommended: Use NMM.
Manual: Place the .esp file into your data folder (yourskyrimdirectoryhere/data).
Uninstall: If you used NMM then deactivate it, if you installed manually then delete the .esp file.

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