Dova Fett Helmet by MurdermiesteR
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Added: 05/09/2013 - 06:46AM
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This mod adds a Fett themed helmet to Skyrim. Craft it to wear, or to put on a shelf. Looks good either way.
Version .4 introduces the black visor with iconic eye reticle. It is a separate item to equip that gives the helmet water breathing. Craft it. Wear it. Or just toss it on a shelf.

V.5 makes both helmets craftable so you (I) don't have to choose. It also lays the groundwork for independent textures.

I will weather the crap out of the Dova Fett helmet and probably make it more of a steel color. I think the Boba Fett helmet is about done. I will not update again till I have some really nice textures to show off. That should be a while. I also have other mods to work on so, enjoy and please endorse if you like it.


I wanted it.


Use NMM or merge my data folder with your Skyrim's data folder and tick Dova Fett.esp in the default launcher.


Star Wars
Nightasy tutorials
3DS Max
Volpin Props (Guy who posted the picture on the internet)
MurdermiesteR (me)
and to you jerks that told me why it sucked. Otherwise this would have for a lot longer.