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An ancient Dwemer fortress, rebuilt by Nords and now available as the Ultimate Player Home for the Dragonborn

Permissions and credits
This mod adds the "Ancient Dwemer Fortress" to skyrim, intending to be the Ultimate Player home for the Dragonborn

:: Short Back Story::

Ages ago the powerful dwemer lord Halerus Q'raz build this fortress to keep his possessions and himself away from the populated cities. Wile time passes he got very old and fearsome of other dwemer opportunists thats were already minding plans to steal his state after his death.
He managed to marry his only son Haegord with Falkreath's dwemer lord's daughter as soon as she had age enough.....
Since Falkreath was a glorious and powerfull dwemer city at that time his inheritance would be safe and granted to his son

Haegord other way were not the kind of man to have a single woman and the marriage was denied by her father.
Halerus suffered a premature death few years later, and his son Haegord guilt a subversive lord of underground city that owed his father a lot of money, a lot of greed and nurtured for the rest of their possessions

not took to long for this greed Lord attacked the fortress with two thousand man and lots more automatons...
Haegord and few of his brave man had resisted for long weeks but the numbers and greed prevailed over justice......
Haegord got killed and his father fortress were ransacked and destroyed.....

A few hundred years passed only ruins remained, and were later found by an explorer making its way to high Hrothgar
.This explorer camp on the ruins for a night, explore them and continued his journey.
But he returned, and at this occasion he was already known as one of the firsts Dragonborn destined to be a hero among the man.Many times he have returned to that ruins before decide that the place should be rebuilt, for the job he brought a friend, an expert constructor and his family to take the place as home and slowly restore those ruins to is glory days..

Reconstruction of the old architecture were hard but possible with dragonborn's help, scavenging old remains under lost dwemer underground ruins around all Skyrim, colecting materials and inspiration to be applied on reconstruction

But the Reconstruction took to long, The dragonborn of that age took the reconstructed fortress as his home but not lived there for not many years before his final adventure that guide him to oblivion.

The Halerus fortress refereed only by Ancient Fortress by the nords were passed generations after generation of 1st constructor family but not habited only by them, some times used as safe house by peregrines or merchants caravans, during the generations passed every habitant has left his contribution for the place become what it is today.

Now days the old man Arthur that live at fortress and claims to be the last member of first's constructor bloodline,
together with him few more people leave at the place and keep the things proper while take care of their own business.

Once Arthur heard the rumors about a new dragonborn has emerged on Skyrim he known that this new adventure should be presented to this place, because live at the fortress is on his fate as much as become the new Skyrim's hero ....

Welcome Home Dragonborn !!!!!!

:: Features ::
-> Outside area with Stables and Store
-> Great throne Hall
-> Panoramic view hight tower
-> "Ikebana" Garden to relax
-> Very well placed decorations and storage areas
-> Craft Workshop and Magic laboratory for potions and enchanting
-> Pagan Temple for pray and meditate
-> Library to store books and read story
-> Kitchen / feast room
-> Cool hidden item for player to discover
-> Some Easter Eggs
-> Nice ambient fengshui
-> NPCs rooms (NO containers at npc rooms are safe)
-> Dungeons to punish the infidels
-> Player Room and Office
-> Secret Safe Storage area ! (Try to find it ! you will be surprised =P )
-> Hot Bath House
-> Arena for player to test or practice with the items he just craft
-> Custom teleport spells
-> NPCs to share the place with you
-> Special items storage like Masks and Claws
-> TES5Edit Cleaned (do not clean again)
-> .BSA file for easy install and uninstall

:: How to find it in game ??? ::
-> Open your map and look for Ancient Fortress, some where at right side of high Hrothgar near to a lake, fast travel there!
(When i find time to make quests it will not be at map from start but now fell free to teleport there)

:: Khajiit Lyrah M'ress Follower ::
As a gift for you it was included my personal follower "Lyrah"..
She is a very cute Khajiit teenager that fights with duals and magic,
Besides the heavy armor she prefer to wears she is very silent and smart,
Be nice with her and she will be a very loyal companion for you

:: Installation ::
1) Use NMM or manually download and extract the files your Skyrim's data folder

UnInstall and Upgrade

1) Remove all your items stored at Ancient Fortress !!
(on pc you can type "tgm" at console and you will be capable to carry everything)
2) leave the area, go to your other home
3) If you use follower mods that make the Ancient Fortress your follower's home, give them a new home before uninstall
4) Save your game with a real save
5) Delete "AF_Ancient_Fort.esp" and "AF_Ancient_Fort.bsa" from your data folder
6) Enter Skyrim and make an other true save
Good Bye T.T

:: Features NOT done yet ::

-> NPCs and dialogs
-> Quests

:: Compatibility ::
This Mod was created full vanilla and i run it with almost one hundred mods and texture packs installed it suppose to be compatible with everything and not need to be placed in an specific load order, you can load on any order you want.
Only could be incompatible with some mode that edit the same area the fortress was placed

:: Note for hardcore gamers ::
I've placed the items to make the place beautiful and alive but for some player (myself included) can think that if the player start to use this mod at very beginning it's items can be seen as as a to big boost on player's money and items ... so some hardcore players may feel like cheating
For those, if i have some request, i can release a version with almost no items on it

Load Order
This mod is load order free, you can load it on top or in any other order you want.

:: Version History ::
10/21/2013 -- agro Horse bug fixed, Lyrah edited
10/03/2013 -- Ver 2.1
-- Fixed Khajiit Eyes Bug
09/29/2013 -- Final 2.0 ver
-- Fix Respawing things
-- Update Dungeons
-- Claws Rack
-- Add 2 teleport spells
-- Mob Summons
-- update Lights
-- Update players room
-- Update tower
-- Update navimesh
-- Update main room
-- Reduce free placed items
-- all scripts working
-- Summoned mobs are self deletable..
(will not bloat your saves)
-- Add Lyrah Follower
-- TES5Edit CLeaned (do not clean again)

09/06/2013 -- Add NPCs, minor bug fixes
09/04/2013 -- Beta Finalized


Thanks to Bethesda for the great game and free construction kit
Thanks to for the a one-stop-shop resource for authors and players.
Thanks to LHammonds for the Readme Generator this file was based on.
Thanks to My dog "fox" that had chewed 3 mouses while i did this job

You can do whatever you want with this mod but all I ask in return is that
you give me credit if you distribute any part of this mod. I would also like
to know what mods are including my work.