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This replaces the cannibalism perk you get through Namira's ring, and gives far more options for how you make use of all that meat just laying around.

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--Still a work in progress--
--Currently no longer in development--

Mod for Skyrim SE

So, this is a response to the cannibalism perk request on the forums found here:

Look below for the list of features, but all in all, this mod is meant to add more cannibalism options, as well as perhaps make it a little more viable overall. After all, people are everywhere, that's some good eatin' too!

Note: This replaces the cannibalism perk from Namira's ring. Namira's ring no longer gives the perk, and upon receiving this one, the old one is removed. However if uninstalled, the perk can be once more received by putting on Namira's ring. To gain the new perk, you will need to find the note "The Taste of People" in Reachcliff cave where you perform that ritual to get Namira's ring. It will be on a table to the right of the main dining hall.

New Recipes:
- Cooked Human Meat (Human Meat + Salt Pile) - Heal 100 points of health over 20 seconds
- Human Meat Stew (Human Meat + Garlic + Carrots + Potato) - Heal 100 points of health, and restores 100 points of stamina over 20 seconds.
- Bonemeal Bread (2 Bonemeal + Vampire Dust) - Heal 75 points of health over 15 seconds
- Roasted Human Heart (Human Heart + Salt Pile) - Restore 200 mana over 20 seconds
- Drayton Chili (Human Flesh + Human Lard + Garlic + Tomato) - Regenerate 2 health every second for 720 seconds, regenerate 2 stamina every second for 720 seconds.

Gameplay Changes:
- Namira's Blessing now called "Cannibalistic Feast"
- Same stats for the blessing, but now it lasts 1 hour
- Hogni in Markarth will now sell you "questionable" meats, as well as a book on how to cook them (required for crafting recipes)
- Added the ability to butcher corpses, taking human meat, hearts, and lard, as well as leaving skulls and bonemeal on the corpse
- When cannibalized, a corpse now turns to an ash pile, this will eventually be turned into gore that is left on the ground

Planned Changes and Wishlist:
- Make a bloodier mess when cannibalizing a corpse (including adding bones, blood, and more flesh to the area)
- Adding a quest that allows you to fleshcraft yourself into a maneater. Possible race changes and/or transformation, but will definitely add new abilities and buffs
- Add different items/recipes for butchering different types of humanoids
- Spruce up this page here!

--Change Log--

- Added the ability to butcher any corpse you could otherwise consume
- Added a note called "The Taste of People" which unlocks the new cannibalism perk
- Added Drayton's Famous Chili, a reference to a certain movie
- Rebalanced the food items to be heal over time items instead of instant heal, so they are a bit less overpowering
- Made corpses turn into ash piles, not handled expertly yet, I will work on that

v0.1 (Initial release)
- Added several recipes
- Changed the in game buff

Simply unzip the .esp file into your .../Skyrim/Data/ folder, and either activate it using the launcher, or add it to the plugin.txt file as an active mod.

Delete the .esp file, and/or remove it from the list of active mods.