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A mod that renames & better sorts more than 10,000 items in all categories!! It supports all DLCs & many major mods like "Immersive Armors & Weapons", "Complete Crafting Overhaul_Remade", "Realistic Needs and Diseases", "Frostfall, "Hunterborn", "Inigo" & many more. User requests are welcome!

Permissions and credits

I've spent countless hours on creating and improving this mod, adding patches, refining names and making fixes.
This mod has changed more than 10,000 items so far!!!
It's been a labor of love and I hope you guys enjoy it. If you do, please take a moment to endorse it and show your support.

Thank you kindly!

My Mods:

> Rezel Modified Spells and Settings
> No More Click-EY Clicks_AHK Script

Featured Video:

Thanks to Skytts, we now have a showcase of "Rez Sorting Mod" as part of his Skyrim Mods Weekly 7.
This 1 minute video section (from 3m 30s until 4m 40s) gives a good idea about some of RSM's features.


This mod renames and better sorts thousands of items in all categories (from books and soul gems to weapons and armors) in order to provide a cleaner, more organized, intuitive and useful listing of items in the game UI.

This is a complete re-work of Agony's Sorting Frenzy. He had done a great job with his mod, and I think it used to be the only mod (till now) that sorted most items, including armors and weapons. And that actually takes a HUGE amount of time and is INCREDIBLY tedious. So, props and thanks to you Agony!

As for my mod, what I tried to do at the beginning was to simply fix the missing items from Agony's mod, as he's been away for a long time. However, I felt there were a lot of things that can be improved in the sorting. So, I ended up re-editting everything into what I feel is a better sorting method. I did however try to maintain some of Agony's ideas that made sense, like having "Dwemer" instead of "Dwarven" for instance.


I did a lot of online research on many items before deciding on their sorting. I also relied on Agony's existing work for some of the older items. Lastly, I took into consideration many user posts and suggestions from the forums of various sorting mods. Ultimately, I formulated a sorting method that I felt was more reasonable, visually clean and simple but still informative and functional.


RSM - Rez Sorting Mod:
This is the core mod. It covers the main games files and DLCs.
It needs to load AFTER all the official master files and unofficial game patches, preferably toward the end of your load order to override names of other mods.

RSM - Numeric Upgrades Mod:
This is an optional mod that modifies Weapon and Armor upgrade names to numeric values. Load it after RSM core mod.

RSM Patch (Compatibility Pack_8 in 1):
This is an optional patch that adds the same sorting of "Rez Sorting Mod" to various other mods (as listed here).
Use this patch if you already have ALL these mods installed. Alternatively, you can opt to install each patch separately if you do not have all of them installed.

- Official Portal 2 Mod.
- Unofficial Skyrim Patch.
- Convenient Horses.
- Soulfire.
- Blaze Of Eventide.
- Amazing Follower Tweaks.
- Atlas Map Markers.
- tox Dragon Map Markers.

RSM Patch (CCO Remade):
Use this patch if you already have "Complete Crafting Overhaul Remade" installed.

RSM Patch (SPO Remade):
Use this patch if you already have "Smithing Perks Overhaul Remade" installed.
PS: This needs to load AFTER the main Rez Sorting Mod.

RSM Patch (Immersive Armors):
Use this patch if you already have "Immersive Armors" installed.

RSM Patch (Immersive Weapons):
Use this patch if you already have "Immersive Weapons" installed.

RSM Patch (Warrior Within Weapons):
Use this patch if you already have "Warrior Within Weapons" installed.

RSM Patch (Insanity's Weapon & Armor Pack):
Use this patch if you already have "Insanity's Weapon or Armor Mods" installed.

RSM Patch (Realistic Needs & Diseases):
Use this patch if you already have "Realistic Needs and Diseases" installed.

RSM Patch (Frostfall):
Use this patch if you already have "Frostfall" installed.

RSM Patch (Hunterborn):
Use this patch if you already have "Hunterborn" installed.

RSM Patch (Hunterborn + RnD):
Use this patch if you already have both both "Hunterborn" AND "Realistic Needs and Diseases" installed.
PS: This extra patch needs to load AFTER the regular "Hunterborn" patch.

RSM Patch (Inigo):
Use this patch if you already have "Inigo" installed.

RSM Patch (AV1 Dragon Lords):
Use this patch if you already have "Dovahkriid: The Dragon Lords" installed.

RSM Patch (AS_Live Another Life):
Use this patch if you already have "Alternate Start: Live Another Life" installed.

*   The patches above add the same sorting of "Rez Sorting Mod" to each respective mod by renaming the new items.
*   My mods do not alter or use anything from the original mods. They only override some items names.
*   Each of my mods is independent and can be used seperately from each other.
*   Check each mod section below for more detailed info.



The latest versions (v1.2 and later) feature a new FOMOD installer for Nexus Mod Manager. It includes all the mods and patches in a single user-friendly package, where you can choose whichever options you want.


It is best to have all the mods toward the end of your load order to override any other mods that may change item names.

RSM - Rez Sorting Mod
RSM Patches
(<-- all my patches can come here in any order)


Automatic: Install using Nexus Mod Manager and the new installer, as that gives you the best customization options.
Manual: Download and put the ".esp" files of your choice in Skyrim\Data folder.

UPDATE from a previous version of RSM by uninstalling the old files and reinstalling the new ".esp" files, either automatically in NMM or manually as described above.

UNINSTALL via Nexus Mod Manager or by deleting the ".esp" files from Skyrim\Data folder.

PS: My mods have no scripts whatsoever, so they can be safely installed, reinstalled, uninstalled and updated, with no effect on your saves.


If you choose a manual download, please keep the following in mind:

The "8 in 1" Compatibility Pack contains the changes for all 8 mods listed above (check THE INCLUDED MODS) in a single ".esp" file. Select the Pack if you have all of them installed and if you prefer a single ".esp" file instead of 8 separate files.

If you do not have all the 8 mods installed, or if you prefer separate" .esp" files, then skip the "8 in 1" Compatibility Pack and individually select any (or all) 8 patch files.

Merging Mod Patches

If you want to merge some of my patches for your own use, please follow this guide (at your own risk):
Merge Plugins TES5Edit Script


- Agony for his sorting mod.
- Matortheeternal for his TES5Edit scripts.
- Developers of TES5Edit and Wrye Bash.
- Bethesda for developing Skyrim and Creation Kit.
- The various authors whose mods I made patches for:

Official Portal 2 Mod:  - Bethesda & Valve.
Unofficial Skyrim Patch:  - Unofficial Patch Project Team.
Convenient Horses:  - Alek.
Blaze Of Eventide:  - Alek.
Soulfire:  - Bluedanieru.
Amazing Follower Tweaks:  - Dheuster.
Atlas Map Markers:  - Kronixx.
tox Dragon Map Markers:  - Tox2ik.
Complete Crafting Overhaul_Remade:  - Kryptopyr.
Smithing Perks Overhaul Remades: - Kryptopyr.
Immersive Weapons:  - Ironman5000 & Hothtrooper44 & Eckss.
Immersive Armors:  - Hothtrooper44.
Realistic Needs and Diseases:  - Perseid9.
Inigo: - Smartbluecat.
Frostfall: - Chesko.
Hunterborn: - Dragonsong.
Dovahkriid: The Dragon Lords: - AurianaValoria1.
Alternate Start: Live Another Life: - Arthmoor.
Warrior Within Weapons: - BloodFree.
Insanity's Weapon & Armor: - InsanitySorrow.


>> Agony:   his mod inspired me to make mine. So much work can go into something that looks as simple as renaming items.
>> Matortheeternal:   his TES5Edit scripts saved me countless hours (days, perhaps weeks) of tedious, manual work on thousands of items. I don't know when I would have finished this mod if not for his help. I can't thank you enough!!
>> Kryptopyr:   for helping me a ton with related and unrelated stuff <3.
>> Sharlikran:   for helping out with Wrye Bash problems and other info.
>> You:   for trying out my mod. ^^

I did my best to be thorough, but in case of bugs or items I missed out, or if there are other mod patches you would like to see or have any suggestions, please leave a message here or PM me.

If you found this mod helpful and enjoyable, please take a moment to endorse it.

Thanks for your support.





I've added many new patches for popular mods. These patches add the same sorting of "Rez Sorting Mod" to each corresponding mod by renaming their new items.

RSM Patch - Frostfall

List of changes and additions

RSM Patch - Hunterborn

List of changes and additions

In addition to the regular Hunterborn patch, there is also an extra patch if you use both "Hunterborn" and "Realistic Needs and Diseases" mods together.
This extra patch needs to load AFTER the regular "Hunterborn" patch.

PS: Since I do not use "Hunterborn", I made judgment calls on many items depending on their apparent function. If you have this mod and know the items have a different function and should be renamed, please tell me.

RSM Patch - Dovahkriid: The Dragon Lords

List of changes and additions

RSM Patch - Alternate Start: Live Another Life

SPECIAL - Journal: Adventurer's
SPECIAL - Key: Karnsdale Farmhouse

RSM Patch - Warrior Within Weapons

List of changes and additions

RSM Patch - Insanity's Weapon & Armor Pack

List of changes and additions

This patch covers the following Insanity's mods:
- Celtic Katana
- Chrysamere
- Daedric Sword
- Dragon Katana
- Dwemer Weapons
- Empire Longswords
- Glass Bow
- Glass Sword
- Goldbrand
- Ice Blade of the Monarch
- Iron Bow
- Pale Blade
- Red Eagle's Bane
- Shields set
- Silver Bow
- Steel Bow
- Steel Shortsword
- Umbra Sword
- Zatoichi set

PS: If you use this Patch while not having all of the above Insanity mods installed, you will probably get a CTD when loading Skyrim. To use this Patch with only some of Insanity's mods, there is a simple, quick solution which involves removing the mods you do NOT use from the Patch's master list. Here is how:

Removing Master File Dependencies From Plugins:
1. Launch the Creation Kit.
2. Navigate to File -> Data.
3. Select my "RSM Patch (Insanity's Weapon & Armor Pack).esp". Notice the list of masters on right.
4. Select the master file to remove on the right and press Ctrl+Delete. Remember you are removing the Insanity mods that you do NOT use.
5. If you receive an error regarding the ID, select "Yes".
6. Click "OK".
7. You should now be able to use this patch!

RSM Patch - Smithing Perks Overhaul Remade

Since "Rez Sorting Mod" renames all "Dwarven" to "Dwemer", it had also renamed the related Perk (which is the only Perk that RSM touches). This overrode the changes made by "Smithing Perks Overhaul Remade" to the Dwemer/Dwarven Perk and reverted them back to Vanilla, which in turn caused such items to be a bit more powerful than intended.

The effect was harmless, but this Patch restores the "Smithing Perks Overhaul Remade" changes and fixes this small issue.
This needs to load AFTER the main Rez Sorting Mod.

RSM - Rez Sorting Mod

Changes to the main mod:

>> The README file for the main mod now installs into Skyrim\Data\DOCs folder.

>> Patches with long lists of changes now come with a text file of those changes which installs into Skyrim\Data\DOCs folder.

>> Since am I splitting "Rez Spell Edit Mod" into a separate mod, I decided to keep the numeric "Upgrade Names" feature as an optional mod which nicely complements the sorting. This setting changes how upgrade names are displayed in order to both shorten the item names and make it easier to know exactly their effect.

Fine ........... ( +1 )
Superior ...... ( +2 )
Exquisite ..... ( +3 )
Flawless ...... ( +4 )
Epic ........... ( +5 )
Legendary .... ( +6 )

- Game Settings:
sHealthDataPrefixArmo1 (and 2,3,4,5,6)
sHealthDataPrefixWeap1 (and 2,3,4,5,6)

PS: The brackets ( ) are not part of the names (maybe hard-coded), so I was not able to alter them. I tried different other separators within the default brackets, but it did not look that nice. So, I simply added spaces.

>> Copied and corrected many minor fixes from Kryptopyr's "Weapons and Armor Fixes Remade".

The fixes mostly included minor changes to:
- Value
- Weight
- Keyword

And to a lesser extent:
- Name
- Armor Rating
- Damage
- Sound
- Stagger
- Critical Data
- Shield properties
- And more

>> Added keyword "weapmaterialwood" to all Arrows to also appear under "Wood" section in the Forge.

>> Made some changes to Ingot keywords to allow breakdown recipes to appear in respective categories.

>> Changed "bow - long" keyword to "weapmaterialwood" instead of "weapmaterialiron" so it would appear in the "Wood" category instead of "Iron" in the Forge.

>> Made changes to Foods and Ingredients for better sorting and consistency.

- Added new categories like "Bread", "Treat" and "Goods", and sub-categories like "Meat", "Stew" and "Soup".
Here is the new list: List of changes and additions

>> Changed all the "Key" entries for the player homes to differentiate them from other keys:

Home - Key: Breezehome;; previously: Key - Breezehome
Home - Key: Hjerim
Home - Key: Honeyside
Home - Key: Proudspire Manor
Home - Key: Severin Manor
Home - Key: Vlindrel Hall

>> MESG items changes:

These are items that do not appear in the normal item lists, so I changed their names in the MESG form type.

> Amulet - Onmund's ;; Previously: Onmund's Amulet(MGRAppOnmund01AmuletName)
> War Axe - of <Alias=Hold> ;; Previously: Axe of <Alias=Hold> (FavorJarlAxeName -- MESG form type).
> Sword - Blade of <Alias=Hold> ;; Previously: Blade of <Alias=Hold> (FavorJarlSwordName -- MESG form type).

Changes to previous Patches

RSM Patch - Immersive Weapons

> Changed several item keywords.
> Changed setting "Drauger to "Ancient Nord", instead of "Nordic".

RSM Patch - Realistic Needs & Diseases

> Various changes to the Food section:

RSM Patch - Inigo

> SPECIAL - Misc: Mr Dragonfly (Inigo's)
> SPECIAL - Amulet: Inigo's Muffle Tongue Necklace

RSM Patch - Official Portal 2 Mod

> SPECIAL - Misc: Space Core

RSM Patch - Convenient Horses

> SPECIAL - Misc: Nordic Horsecaller's Horn
> SPECIAL - Misc: Imperial Horsecaller's Horn
> SPECIAL - Tool: Hot Air Balloon Kit
> SPECIAL - Note: to Whistler

RSM Patch - Blaze Of Eventide

> SPECIAL - Misc: Nordic Horsecaller's Horn
> SPECIAL - Misc: Imperial Horsecaller's Horn
> SPECIAL - Tool: Hot Air Balloon Kit
> SPECIAL - Note: to Whistler
> SPECIAL - Book: Blaze of Eventide

RSM Patch - Amazing Follower Tweaks

> SPECIAL - Book: AFT ReadMe

RSM Patch - Atlas Map Markers

> SPECIAL - Book: Atlas Setup Guide, Map Markers
> SPECIAL - Book: Atlas Setup Guide, Dawnguard
> SPECIAL - Book: Atlas Setup Guide, Dragonborn

RSM Patch - tox Dragon Map Markers

> SPECIAL - Book: Dragon Burial Sites





RSM Patch - Inigo

This patch adds the same sorting of "Rez Sorting Mod" to "Inigo" follower mod by renaming the new items.

> Item name changes:

SPECIAL - Amulet: Inigo's Muffle Tongue
SPECIAL - Journal: Inigo's
SPECIAL - Book: Inigo the Brave
SPECIAL - Misc: Mr Dragonfly (Inigo's)
Bow - Ebony (Inigo's)

RSM Patch - Immersive Weapons

> Changed all "Axestaff" items to "Battleaxe" category (previously under "Staff" category):
Battleaxe - Aldmeri Axestaff
Battleaxe - Ethereal Axestaff
Battleaxe - Nord Hero Axestaff

> Added category 2H "Battlestaff" (previously under "Staff" category):
Battle Staff - Daedric
Battle Staff - Daedric, Quarter
Battle Staff - Dwarven, Quarter
Battle Staff - Ebony
Battle Staff - Ebony, Quarter
Battle Staff - Elven, Quarter
Battle Staff - Glass
Battle Staff - Glass, Quarter
Battle Staff - Orcish, Quarter
Battle Staff - Quarter
Battle Staff - Silver
Battle Staff - Silver, Honed
Battle Staff - Steel
Battle Staff - Steel, Quarter
Battle Staff - Wooden
Battle Staff - Wooden, Tapered

> Changed "Dwemer Control Rod" to "Mace" category (previously under "Staff" category):
Mace - Dwemer Control Rod

RSM - Rez Sorting Mod

> Shortened names of all "Cheese" foods.

> Changed all "Quest - Trophy," into "Quest - Trophy:", replacing the "," with a ":".

> Changed a few ingredient names for better sorting:
Ingredient - Spriggan Wood, Burnt
Ingredient - Mushroom, Glowing
Ingredient - Moss, Hanging
Ingredient - Moss, Emperor Parasol
Ingredient - Tusk, Boar
Ingredient - Tusk, Powdered Mammoth
Ingredient - Root, Canis
Ingredient - Root, Jarrin <Unq>
Ingredient - Root, Nirn(for Nirnroot)
Ingredient - Root, Nirn Crimson(for Crimson Nirnroot)
Ingredient - Root, Tap(for Taproot)
Ingredient - Root, Trama

> Changed all "Misc - Dragon Claws" under "Misc" category into their own "Claw -" series:
Claw - Dragon, Coral <Unq>
Claw - Dragon, Diamond <Unq>
Claw - Dragon, Ebony <Unq>
Claw - Dragon, Emerald <Unq>
Claw - Dragon, Glass <Unq>
Claw - Dragon, Gold <Unq>
Claw - Dragon, Iron <Unq>
Claw - Dragon, Ivory <Unq>
Claw - Dragon, Ruby <Unq>
Claw - Dragon, Sapphire <Unq>

> Changed all "Staff -" to "Staff - of" if the original item had the word "of".
> Changed some stave names to better match the actual enchant names.
> Changes for disambiguation:
Staff - Gadnor's Charming [Fury] <Unq> ;; added: [Fury].
Staff - Grand Charming [Calm] ;; changed name slightly.

> Removed <UNQ> tag from quest items, since those are usually unique anyway:
Quest - Spiced Beef
Quest - Wylandriah's Spoon
Quest - Crown, Jagged
Quest - Dagger, Blade of Sacrifice
Quest - Sword, Red Eagle's Fury

> Changed a few spell and scroll names for better sorting:
Scroll - [Restoration III] Repel Undead, Lesser
Scroll - [Restoration II] Turn Undead, Lesser
Scroll - [Restoration IV] Turn Undead, Greater
[Repel III] Undead, Lesser
[Turn II] Undead, Lesser
[Turn IV] Undead, Greater

> Other changes:
List of changes





This is the main mod that renames and resorts thousands of items. It covers the main games files and DLCs.



> Compatibility with all Unofficial Patches.
> Compatibility with Complete Crafting Overhaul_Remade:
- Many changes were carried over from CCO, except the ones that require dependency.
- Name changes carried over from CCO:
  • Corundum > Copper
  • Malachite > Raw Glass
  • Refined Malachite > Refined Glass
  • Moonstone Ingot > Refined Moonstone Ingot
  • Quicksilver > Mithril


(01) Dash separators "-" are used to seperate item types.

(02) Spell names and/or ranks are enclosed in straight brackets [ ].

(03) Difficulty ranks (Novice, Apprentice, etc) are written in Roman letters from [ I ] to [ V ], while spell ranks are from [ I ] to [ VI ].

(04) Default names or special notes are inside { } at the end, when needed.

(05) All Uniques and Leveled items have the end tag <Unq>.

(06) All Daedric Artifacts have the end tag <DA>, which overrides and replaces the <Unq> tag.

(07) Excluded enchant details from Daedric Artifacts and Uniques, except for LEVELED items (check list below).

(08) Included enchant names and/or ranks for Leveled items to help track their scaling (check list below).

(09) Names with enchantment spells are changed in order to shorten names and ensure proper sorting:

- Only actual spell names are now inlcuded.
- Extra spell descriptions and fluff names are removed.
- Spell rank is added at the end:
  • Minor = I
  • Regular = II
  • Major = III
  • Eminent = IV
  • Extreme = V
  • Peerless = VI
Amulet - of Pickpocketing [IV] ;; removed "Necklace", "Eminent" and "Deft Hands".
Ring - of Two-Handed [V] ;; removed "Extreme" & "Sure Grip".
Ring - of Resist Magic [V] ;; removed "Magic Abatement".


I know this departs from the game's naming conventions, but frankly the default naming was wildly confusing, ambiguous and messy. It did not take any kind of sorting into consideration. Also, some of the names were a mile long and did not tell you the required info right away.

So, after trying out several formats, I decided this was the most concise, simple and informative.

(10) The final format differs from category to another (check each one for its format), but in general it is as follows:

Item - Name, Adjective [Spell Rank] {N} <Unq>|<DA>

{N} = Special Note / Default Name
<Unq> = Unique
<DA> = Daedric Artifact

===== LIST =====

Leveled - Weapons:
Gauldur Blackblade
Gauldur Blackbow
Lunar Weapons
Miraak's Sword
Nightingale Blade
Nightingale Bow
The Pale Blade

Leveled - Armor:
Nightingale Armor
Shield of Solitude
Miraak Mask

Leveled - Other:
Mage's Circlet

Daedric Artifact - Weapons:
Ebony Blade
Mace of Molag Bal
Mehrunes' Razor
Sanguine Rose
Skull of Corruption

Daedric Artifact - Armor:
Ebony Mail
Ring of Hircine
Ring of Namira
Savior's Hide
Masque of Clavicus Vile

Daedric Artifacts - Other:
Azura's Star / The Black Star
Oghma Infinium
Skeleton Key

=== END LIST ===


>> Format:
Type* - Name, Adjective [Spell Rank] {#} <Unq>

* Type:

-HEAD items-
Mask - for masks.
Circlet - for circlets.
Armor - for helms / cowls / hoods.

Mask (L) - for light armor masks.
Mask (H) - for heavy armor masks.
Armor (L) - for light BODY armor.
Armor (H) - for heavy BODY armor.
Shield (L) - for light shields.
Shield (H) - for heavy shields.
Clothing - for fabric or woven clothes.
Quest - for quest items.

(L) = Light
(H) = Heavy

Armor (H) - Dawnguard Boots, Heavy
Shield (H) - Auriel's <Unq>
Mask (L) - Krosis <Unq>

*Added <Unq> end tag to all Yarl Clothes.
*Chest Armors only take the prefix "Armor (H or L) -" without repeating the description again. EX: Armor (H) - Ebony.
*Shields only take the prefix "Shield (H or L) -" without repeating the description again. EX: Shield (H) - Ebony.


>> Format:
Type* - Name, Adjective [Spell Rank] {N} <Unq>

* Type:
> Mace - for 1H Mace.
> Warhammer - for 2H Mace.
> War Axe - for 1H Axes.
> Battleaxe - for 2H Axes.
> Sword - for 1H Swords.
> Greatsword - for 2H Swords.
> Dagger - for Daggers.
> Bow - for Bows.
> Crossbow - for XBows.
> Staff - for Staves.
> Weapon - for a few specifc items, like Knives.

Sword - Dragonbane [Dragon I] <Unq>
Bow - of the Hunt <Unq>

>> Corrections to existing entries:
Tool - Poacher's Axe <Unq>
Quest - Warhammer, Shagrol's

>> Enchant names not included on LEVELED items:
Sword - Miraak's [II] <Unq> ;; enchant does not change.
Shield (H) - of Solitude [ I ] <Unq> ;; enchant name too long.
Armor (L) - Nightingale Boots [II] <Unq> ;; enchant name too long.


>> Format:
Type* - Name [Spell Rank] <Unq>|<DA>

* Type:
> Quest - for quest items, has format priority.
> Ring - for all rings.
> Amulet - for all amulets.

Amulet - Gold Necklace, Diamond
Amulet - of Akatosh
Ring - Ahzidal's Arcana <Unq>
Quest - Amulet of Arkay, Andurs'
Ring - of Health [II]
Ring - of Heavy Armor [ I ]

*   Removed the word Necklace when it came straight after "Amulet -" for simplicity and to eliminate redundancy.

Amulet - of Light Armor [II] ;; removed "Necklace"
Amulet - of Resist Fire [VI] ;; removed "Necklace"


>> Format:
Type* - Name, Adjective [Spell Rank] {N} <Unq>|<DA>

* Type:
> Book
> Note
> Journal
> Recipe
> Scroll
> Tome
> Spell Tome
> Map
> Quest

Book - Black, Waking Dreams <DA>
Recipe - Atronach Forge: Staff, Flame Atronach
Recipe - Spider, Exploding Shock
Spell Tome - [Destruction III] Whirlwind Cloak

>> Changes to existing entries (for more clarification and to set some items apart):
Note - About Soul Cairn ;; added "About Soul Cairn".
Note - Letter to Hrodulf ;; added "Letter to Hrodulf".
Note - A Midnight Meeting Note ;; added "Midnight Meeting".
Note - Death Note ;; added "Death Note".
Note - Poison Note ;; added "Poison Note".
Note - About Food ;; added "About Food"
Note - Miswatch ;; added "Miswatch".
Note - Treasure ;; added "Treasure".
Note - Help Request ;; added "Help Request".
Note - Request from <Alias=QuestGiver> ;; added "<Alias=QuestGiver>".
Journal - Notes and Results ;; added "Notes and Results".
Journal - Swimmer ;; added "Swimmer".
Journal - Dog ;; added "Dog".


>> Format:
Type* - Name, Adjective {N} <Unq>|<DA>

* Type:
> Craft - for crafting mats.
> Tool - for useful tools.
> Bone - for misc bone items.
> Misc - for misc stuff.
> Quest - for misc quest items; Trophy items added (check list below).

Tool - Torch
Tool - Lockpick
Tool - Pickaxe
Tool - Woodcutter's Axe
Craft - Hide: Horse
Craft - Ore: Stalhrim
Craft - Ore: Dwemer Gear
Craft - Ingot: Silver
Bone - Skull, Troll
Bone - Skull, Human
Quest - Aetherium Crest
Quest - Reaper Gem Fragment
Misc - Pot, Glazed
Misc - Ysgramor's Soup Spoon <Unq>

===== LIST =====

Thieves Guild Trophies:
Quest - Trophy, Queen Bee Statue
Quest - Trophy, Honningbrew Decanter
Quest - Trophy, East Empire Shipping Routes
Quest - Trophy, Model Ship
Quest - Trophy, Dwemer Puzzle Cube
Quest - Trophy, Eye of the Falmer, Left
Quest - Trophy, Jeweled Candlestick
Quest - Trophy, Ornate Drinking Horn
Quest - Trophy, Golden Ship Model
Quest - Trophy, Golden Urn
Quest - Trophy, Jeweled Flagon
Quest - Trophy, Crown of Barenziah

=== END LIST ===


>> Format:
[Spell Rank] - Name

[Shock I] Sparks
[Rune II] Fire
[Conjure IV] Atronach, Storm


>> Format:
Ingredient - Name, Adjective <Unq>|<DA>

Ingredient - Antlers, Large
Ingredient - Antlers, Small
Ingredient - Mountain Flower, Yellow
Ingredient - Mountain Flower, Blue
Ingredient - Egg, Rock Warbler
Ingredient - Egg, Chicken
Ingredient - Jarrin Root <Unq>

*   Some names were changed to create a series.


>> Format:
Type* - Name/Stat, Adjective {N}

* Type:
> Cheese - for all cheese.
> Drink - for all drinks & alcoholic beverages.
> Raw - for fruit/vegetable & raw/cooking ingredients.
> Cooked - for uncookable/single items & finished/cooked products.
> Quest - for all food and drinks that are quest items.

Raw - Mudcrab Legs
Cooked - Mudcrab Legs, Steamed
Drink - Stamina {Cliff Racer}
Cheese - Elsweyr Fondue

>> Corrections to existing entries:
Raw - Clam Meat
Raw - Dog Meat
Raw - Horker Meat
Raw - Horse Meat
Raw - Mammoth Snout
Raw - Goat Leg
Raw - Rabbit Leg
Raw - Pheasant Breast
Raw - Chicken Breast
Cooked - Chicken Breast, Grilled
Cooked - Slaughterfish, Seared
Cooked - Skeever Meat, Charred
Cooked - Soul Husk


>> Format:
Potion/Poison - Stat, Spell Rank {N}

Poison - Stamina, Damage I
Potion - Health/Magicka/Stamina, Restore II
Potion - Resist Magic IV, Protect Soul {Soul Husk Extract}

>> Corrections to existing entries:
Potion - Blood
Potion - Holy Water


>> Format:
Scroll - [Spell Rank] Name {N}

Scroll - [Restoration V] Bane of the Undead
Scroll - [Conjuration I] Conjure Familiar
Scroll - Spider, Cloaked Flame

>> Corrections to existing entries:
Scroll - [Destruction I] Fire Rune
Scroll - [Destruction I] Frost Rune
Scroll - [Destruction I] Lightning Rune


>> Format:
Arrow/Bolt - Name, Effect [Spell] <Unq>|<DA>

Arrow - Daedric
Arrow - Riekling Spear
Bolt - Dwemer, Exploding [Fire]


>> Format:
Key - Name

Key - Castle Dour
Key - Breezehome
Key - Anga's Mill Common House


>> Format:
Soul Gem - Rank/Name <Unq>|<DA> (Filled Soul)

Soul Gem - III
Soul Gem - III (Petty)
Soul Gem - The Black Star <DA> (Grand)


>> Format:
Type* - Name

* Type:
> Home - for all home mats.
> Misc - for all misc home stuff.

Misc - Child's Doll
Misc - Boy's Blue Tunic
Home - Clay
Home - Quarried Stone
Home - Glass
Home - Goat Horns
Home - Straw
Home - Nails
Home - Hinge
Home - Lock
Home - Iron Fittings
Home - Sawn Log **

**   For some reason, the devs had a weird default model for this item (a boot!!), so I changed it:
from boots (Armor\Elven\M\BootsGND.nif) ... to a wooden log (Architecture\ShackKit\ShackBrokeWood02.nif). ;D



This is a patch that adds the same sorting of "Rez Sorting Mod" to various other mods by renaming their new items.
These patches are now available as a single (8 in 1) ".esp" file, or as 8 separate ".esp" files:

- Official Portal 2 Mod.
- Unofficial Skyrim Patch.
- Convenient Horses.
- Soulfire.
- Blaze Of Eventide.
- Amazing Follower Tweaks.
- Atlas Map Markers.
- tox Dragon Map Markers.

Changed Item Format (ID):

>> Official Portal 2 Mod:
SPECIAL - Space Core (Portal2SpaceCore)
Armor (H) - Dovahcore Helmet (Portal2Helmet)

>> Unofficial Skyrim Patch:
Cooked - Meat Pie (FoodMeatPieUSKP)
Key - Heartwood Mill (USKPHeartwoodMillKey)

>> Convenient Horses:
SPECIAL - Imperial Horsecaller's Horn(CHHornImperial)
SPECIAL - Nordic Horsecaller's Horn (CHHornNordic)
SPECIAL - Hot Air Balloon Kit (CHBalloonKit)
Note - to Whistler (CHNoteToWhistler)

>> Soulfire:
SPECIAL - Spell Tome: Soulfire(SpellTomeSoulfire)

>> Blaze Of Eventide:
SPECIAL - Blaze of Eventide (BlazeBook)

>> Amazing Follower Tweaks:
SPECIAL - AFT Readme (TweakReadMe)

>> Atlas Map Markers:
SPECIAL - Atlas Setup Guide, Map Markers (SLMMAtlasMapMarkers)
SPECIAL - Atlas Setup Guide, Dawnguard (SLDGAtlasDawnguard)
SPECIAL - Atlas Setup Guide, Dragonborn (SLDBAtlasDragonbornSetupGuide)

>> tox Dragon Map Markers:
SPECIAL - Dragon Burial Sites (toxDragonMapMarkersBook)



This is a patch that adds the same sorting of "Rez Sorting Mod" to "Complete Crafting Overhaul_Remade" mod by renaming the new items.

Armor (H) - Bonemold, Improved
Bow - Nightingale <Unq>
Sword - Nightingale Blade <Unq>
Tool - Torch
Craft - Charcoal
Craft - Charcoal Stick
Plus a full list of craftables.

Armor (L) - Shrouded Cowl, Maskless
Armor (L) - Thieves Guild Boots, Gray
Ring - Gold, Diamond (Flawless)
Amulet - Gold Necklace, Diamond (Flawless)
Amulet - Skull Pendant, Amethyst
Amulet - Skull Pendant: Destruction [IV]



This is a patch that adds the same sorting of "Rez Sorting Mod" to "Immersive Weapons" mod by renaming the new items.

* Type added:
> Spear - for all spear weapons.

Arrow - An-Xileel
Battleaxe - Falmer Double Axe, Honed
Sword - Wolf Scimitar
Spear - Orcish Crippler



This is a patch that adds the same sorting of "Rez Sorting Mod" to "Immersive Armors" mod by renaming the new items.

Armor (H) - Akaviri Samurai Boots
Armor (H) - Barbarian Helmet, Ancient Nord
Armor (L) - Einherjar Hood, Light
Clothing - Fur Hood, White



This is a patch that adds the same sorting of "Rez Sorting Mod" to "Realistic Needs and Diseases" mod by renaming the new items.

For a full list of changes, please check HERE.

-==== END OF FILE ====-