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Added: 02/09/2013 - 09:22PM
Updated: 01/11/2013 - 06:33PM

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Last updated at 18:33, 1 Nov 2013 Uploaded at 21:22, 2 Sep 2013


I have been in contact with fLokii, and he has given me permission (and access to his script sources) to write a patch for UFO. I have done so. I now have assembled an update to UFO, which should resolve all previous problems with followers not dismissing/waiting/following.

Follower Compatibility will attempt to maximize compatibility between all the major follower/companion mods and the miscellaneous multi-follower mods available.
As this is a script mod, and does not modify any content directly, placement in the load order should not matter. If I am forced to make changes that require careful ordering, I will make that perfectly clear here.
This mod uses scripts to tweak mod settings in order to achieve the greatest compatibility.
Current changes:

  • EFF support, references and calls EFF script to add follower once they are determined to be a player teammate.
  • Adjusts the PlayerFollowerCount variable while speaking with Inigo to allow for recruitment with UFO and EFF.

Kitiara:  (Note: No longer available on Nexus)
  • Attempts to work around the UFO Sneaking bug, which was making Kitiara walk home when the player entered stealth mode.
  • Adds Kitiara to EFF properly

  • Adjusts PlayerFollowerCount variable allowing Hoth to join when you have followers. (UFO and EFF)
  • Adds Hoth to EFF properly.

Thorald Grey-mane:
  • Initial support for Thorald Grey-mane. Requires additional patch download.
  • NOTE: This *REQUIRES* separate download. If you're here for Thorald, make sure you get both the main file and the optional!
  • NOTE 2: If you are using the new UFO Compatibility Version, this is no longer needed (but should not hurt either.)
  • *** LOAD ORDER *** Thorald GreyMane UFO Patch.esp MUST be immediately below Thorald GreyMane.esp.

Cerwiden and Mei:
  • Ceri and Mei will no longer fight over who gets to change the vanilla VoiceType FormLists. Both will now be placed (back) into the lists they need on the fly.

More to come, as I can contact mod authors to coordinate compatibility!

-- Change log --
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Help, inspiration, and encouragement:

Compatibility advice, code, etc:
T3nd0 -- For the amazing artwork.
Dheuster -- Amazing Follower Tweaks
Anduniel -- Code for Kitiara to build scripts against.

Mod authors, without whose work this would never be here:
Smartbluecat -- Inigo
DashingKnight -- Kitiara (removed from Nexus)
hothtrooper44 -- Hoth
rhowington -- Thorald Grey-mane follower
expired6978 -- Extensible Follower Framework
fLokii -- Ultimate Follower Overhaul