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Gives your horse the ability to kick while jumping.

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by: JZBai
Version: 1.0

A simple mod that gives your horse an attack during its rear up and jump animations when you're riding it.

All you need to do while riding your horse is jump at your enemies to knock them down or stand still and
press jump to trigger the rear up animation. Anything in front of your horse will be knocked down and eat a bit of damage.
You can keep doing this even after the opponent is downed and trample them to death if you'd like. :P

The kick won't knock down Dragons, Mammoths, and other large enemies, but will stagger them.

Designed with compatibility in mind! It shouldn't conflict with any mod that modifies horses or their behaviors!

All you need is Skyrim and the official Bethesda update! :D

Download and activate with Nexus Mod Manager or to manually install, extract the .esp into your Skyrim/Data folder and the scripts into your Skyrim/Data/Scripts folder. Then enable the esp.

In game, you should see a message on load up that indicates the mod is activated.

Source files for modification in the Creation Kit are packaged too, but optional to get the mod to work.

A WORD TO THE WISE: Scripted mods are never easy to remove due to how save files and scripts work. I tried to make my mod as small and easy to manage as possible. I've experimented with uninstalling my own mod, reloaded the save and didn't see any problems or CTDs in my game, but I can't guarantee that your save file will be clean after installation!

Safest way to uninstall:
1. Get off your horse and wait a few seconds
2. Open the console and type "help PlayerHorseKickSpell" to find the spell's ID number
3. Remove that spell from your character via "player.removespell <spell ID>"
4. Type "stopquest JZBai_HorseKickQuest" in console

Now you can save, disable the mod, and delete the following files:


Nothing about the vanilla horses was changed. It's completely created from added effects, quests, and scripts so it should
be compatible with anything.

(If anyone somehow finds an incompatibility let me know and I'll be very surprised :P)

Recommended Mods:
Convenient Horses by mitchalek:/Alek
Horse Kick was tested for compatibility with Convenient Horses, so it should have no compatibility issues whatsoever! The kick really complements the horse charge feature added by Convenient Horses and gives you a good mounted combat option to do damage and knockdown with your horse when you're not sprinting with horse charge.

Better Horses by LtMattmoo:
Not tested for compatibility, but the mod doesn't modify anything that Better Horses does so it should be compatible.

1.0: First Release.

Bethesda for Skyrim and the Creation Kit and stuff... :P

HorseKick! on Steam