Neater recolored Telvanni robes by Themurloc
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Added: 29/08/2013 - 10:15PM
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Last updated at 0:00, 11 Jun 2014 Uploaded at 22:15, 29 Aug 2013

This mod will work by itself without any other mods, but i highly recommend downloading this mod with it
It essentially allows you to take advantage of the reskin more by enchanting it as you see fit.

So I've always thought the Telvanni robes were a little dingy and dirty, for my taste but i really loved the model design of it. So i started a little reskin project for myself. What this does is change the shoulders so they no longer have those thick stitches on them, changes the bottom of the robes and the scarf around the neck so they are no longer frayed. Fixes some of the areas where it looked like the character rolled around in shit. Finally, it changes the little armored parts under the shoulders to look less battered. As I'm less of an artist with individual pixels and am better at altering existing images, the results of the under armor shoulders isn't as drastic as I'd have hoped but still a much welcome improvement to me. as this mod was made with my own personal preference in mind.

I also decided to make the colors a bit more vibrant while i had to dds file open, and i figured while i was editing the colors, id change them completely to blue (my favorite color) instead of red. When i did that, i noticed the blue and gold, being Stormwind colors from WOW, didn't seem very mage-like. so i changed the gold to silver, and then the final result is as shows.

It took more time than i thought but the end result was much better than i'd hoped so i thought it was worth uploading to the nexus

Obviously this file requires the dragonborn dlc, since it's a reskin of the telvanni robes.

Update: someone requested a version of this with a red primary color and black trim, so I've added two new versions to the files, but unfortunately I switched computers since I made this mod and don't have skyrim installed on this computer so I can't get screenshots for you guys, and I haven't seen how it actually looks in game, but It SHOULD work. I welcome user submitted screenshots of the recolored versions