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Replaces soft, blurry snow with realistic snowflakes.

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Immersive, Believable Snow

The aim of this is to replace the soft, blurry snow in storms with realistic snowflakes.

While the default snow is very accurate for an image taken with a camera, it isn't what the human eye sees in a storm. This is an attempt to recreate the feeling of actually being in a light storm, with random, and imperfect snowflakes which don't resemble cartoons.

These were done using a mix of various procedural filters, then plopping them on top of one another and smudging about, then sketching in crystal looking lines while using photos as visual references... along with some old PS brushes.


This mod alters the following textures:
It will conflict with any other mod which alters these same textures.

The small flakes version alters the following textures:


There is now an optional version which makes all of the super closeup snowflakes quite small.
Check the screenshots for a zoom in look, and you can download the new version from the Optional Files category.
Warning: This will overwrite the larger ones.