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All Magic Runes in HD with better 3D Effect

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Yes who does not like the Magic in Skyrim. I like it a lot ! Everything with Magic is Beautiful and sometimes we all wish Magic could be Reality. Well with this Mod at least the Magic Runes in Skyrim will look more Realistic and will have better 3D Effect and stand out more in depth and in colors. For me the Magic Runes always looked a little bit crappy and there was no really good lightning around them. Well not anymore. All Textures have been improved and were Redone in HD . For now they are 1024x1024 HD Resolution. I wanted to make 2K Textures but after Testing the 1K I think it is enough and you dont have to waist your Memory for more. If there will be many Requests and support I will add a 2K Version if you like. Also all Normal Maps were Recalculated for better 3D effect. You will see the Difference as soon as you Cast your Magic Spell for the Runes.

This Mod will change all Six Runes available in Skyrim ( including the Dragonborn DLC )

3 Vanilla Runes and 3 Dragonborn DLC Runes

Runes in the List !

Vanilla Runes
1.Fire Rune
2.Frost Rune
3.Lightning Rune

Dragonborn DLC Runes
1.Frenzy Rune
2.Poison Rune
3.Ash Rune

This MOd comes in 3 Versions

1.Full Pack with all 6 Magic Runes which Requires Dragonborn DLC

2.Only Vanilla Runes if you dont have any DLC cause I dont want the Vanilla Players to Miss this Mod

3.Only Dragonborn DLC Runes

How to Install ? Unpack the Archive and simply drop the Data Folder into your Skyrim Main Directory !

Also take a look at the Screenshots and watch the Video for further Details.

Credits to Nexus and Bethesda for making all this Beautiful Things possible.
And Credits to Obsidian Dawn for this beautiful Brushes!
Thank you
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