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-----Conan Hyborian Age-----
Custom Unique new Models based on the Conan The Barbarian Movie of John Milius with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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-------- Dedicated to All Conan and Arnold Schwarzenegger Fans --------

To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of the women!

--------Description --------

Conan Hyborian Age is a Massive Dungeon with a Quest. It was designed to introduce in the most possible lore friendly way the Items of Conan the Barbarian Movie 1982 by John Milius and Oliver Stone.

Its a quest mod that features a huge dungeon and an incredible amount of Custom Unique new Models based on the Conan The Barbarian Movie of John Milius with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

It features also a lot of new innovative elements and dungeon realizations as well as innovative and unique scripting.

An Incredible number of High level reproductions of Conan The Barbarian 1982 movie props are reproduced in this mod as a Tribute to that great Movie.

-----Gameplay Videos and Reviews -----
Might Contain Spoilers

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:) A BIG Thankyou to all Supporters and voters
A special thankyou for the Donators You are amazing with your generous, kind and very much appreciated contribute and support :) .

--------Unique Features--------

- An entirely new dungeon of 3 levels.
- 1+ hours of gameplay.
- 1 quests
- Lots of new items professionally crafted in high detail from the Movie Conan the Barbarian 1982.
- New scripts and gameplay features like lightening embers with torches , dark dungeon , new traps etc .
- A Unique Battle soundtrack containing 3 new tracks composed by Christian Andersson.
- Fully voiced CONAN by Guinolas.
- It introduces a new Ore type that will be fully featured in Issgard mod .

- Fading warpaints over time and in water or under atmospheric effects .
- unlit torches and lighteable embers to lighten dark dungeons.

--------How to Start--------

- To start the mod, you must search for a mysterious book in the Graymanes manor in Whiterun entitled , "The Secret of Steel".
- There is no level requirement for this mod. but Its recomended to start the quest with a moderately advanced character ( around 10 )
- I have tested with a level 1 but some encounters woudl be extremely hard at low levels.
- Do not use console command to set up advanced stages or perks requirements as it could break the flow of the mod .

- To craft some Items its required the ability to craft at skyforge or eventually Arcane smithing or other types of smithing .


- Better bring some torches, I'ts dark in the dungeons.
- to Lighten Embers in first person , set on defence stance and hit with the torch them untill the fire starts up
- Lightening up embers might keep you in light when the torches are consumed
- Looking around might bring up some surprsing rewards
- Keep an eye to health potions , they might become very usefull in some situations

- It introduces a new Ore type that will be fully featured in Issgard mod .


- Conan Hyborian Age was designed to edit as few vanilla assets and places as possible. However, still, There are some Areas Edited for Mod reasons:
1) The area just west of Graymoor keep On the little hill near the "failed Necromancer's experiment" .
Adding the two dungeons entrances to Hyborian mound.
2) The Graymane Manor adding a notecard at the entrance table and the Secret of Steel Book on the upper level shelves.
3) Added some Ore and fulgurites in the following places:
Just East of Dawnstar in the Large ship wreck
In Solitude Smith home
Near the Whiterun Skyforge .
4) A folder ( meshes/Animobjects) Replaces two vanilla assets for the Smithing works so those will appear always different , if you want to have the normal Vanilla items then just delete those new items
- Mods that conflict with these areas may cause you problems. Otherwise there are no major compatability concerns.
- Conan Hyborian Age Is fully compatible with all Body or Texture body mods as long as they will use a Vanilla named convention.

Conan not talking

You need to load the mod above all others.

CTDs of few of the players experiencedI am investigating on that :
Possible Candidates :
other mods akltering bosses
Other mods altering the main Skeleton

during experiments on the CTD I only got once .
I reloaded the same passage for 35 times and I never got anymore the CTD ... I still don't know what it could have been caused from .

----------CONAN Look---------

If you want to play with a Character similar to Conan you can Download the optional files of this mod that Includes a Savegame and some extra content .

This mod was the original prequel of the Conan Hyborian Age Mod and you do not need it to get the same items , just limit yourself to download the :

-Conan Face save game
-Conan Skin

to be mounted after any other body texture mods.
Unless you prefer differently of course.


- Extract the archives contents into "Skyrim/Data" and activate Conan_Hyborian_Age.esp
- Place above all .ESP files, and below any official plugins. (Update.esm & DLC)
- Other than that, load order shouldn't matter.


- The uninstallation of Conan Hyborian Age is NOT supported but you can Simply remove The Conan_Hyborian_age.esp and Bsa , but it could break some saved games .
- Treat Conan Hyborian Age like a DLC, and do NOT remove it during a playthrough. Only remove if you are starting a new game.
- To remove (Only for new game) simply delete "Conan_Hyborian_age.esp", "Conan_Hyborian_age.bsa".
- Failure to follow the above conditions could corrupt your saves and is not recommended or supported.
- There are no known issues or Bugs in this mod as it had been extensively tested.
- Some have reported with my mods some compatibility issues due to the version of ( Italian ) CK I am using , it shouln't create any problems but it might be recognized as a problem by some cleaning tools .


Carefull this information is not intended for a normal flow of the game mod , it will deprive the experience by getting quickly and fast informationto complete the mod and get all the items without playing the quest and so ruining the experience .

- The Trolls Cave Grate is opened by the Lever in the Doom's Room .
- Some pressure plates around need to feel the weight of the player and so drop something heavy to open doors
- The Doom entrance room is triggered with a pressur eplate , be sure to drop something heavy on it
- The Doom Room holds a secret fulgurite ore
- To enlighten the embers is better to hit them with fire in first person mode
- The mummification Chamber key is located on a Draugr on level one of the dungeon
- The hyborian mound level 2 gate is opened with the key that Conan will give you
- The Grate of Conan Throne is opened with the right side tunnel end pull.
- The Book The Secret of Steel is located on the upper shelves in Graymanes house
- There is a secret load of Fulgurite ingots , look for a note in the Graymanes house.
- Other fulgurite ore can be found in Solitude Smith room and near the Skyforge in Whiterun
- to reforge weapons you need skysteel forging ability and arcane smithing.
- To Get all the items quickly and fast You can teleport yourself to the testing room by:
1) press tab to recall the console functionality
2) type : "coc Hyborian_Inventorycell"

--------Unique Playable New Items--------

Conan Cimmerian Outfit
Conan Pitfight Outfit
Conan Pitfight Fur Outfit
Valeria Cimmerian Outfit
Conan Warpaint Outfit
Valeria Pitfight Outfit
Valeria Pitfight Fur Outfit
Valeria Warpaint Outfit


Atlantean Sword + Scabbard ( equipped 1 or 2 hands )(Ancient , Steel and Bronze )
Valeria Sword + Scabbard( equipped 1 or 2 hands )(Ancient , Steel and Bronze )
Father's Sword + Scabbard ( equipped 1 or 2 hands )(Ancient , Steel and Bronze )
Rexor Triple Axe
Thorgrim Hammer
Thulsa Doom Staff
Battle of the Mounds Axe
Pitfighter's Gloves


Thulsa Doom Helmet
Thulsa Doom Shield
Rexor Helmet
Battle of the Mounds Shield (Ancient and Bronze )
Battle of the Mounds Helmet


Barbarian Fur Pants
Amulet Wheel of Pain Gold
Amulet of Doom


Conan Hyborian Age may NOT be translated into another language without my permission.
Conan Hyborian Age may NOT under any circumstances be hosted or uploaded by anyone but me, anywhere ever.

Conan Hyborian Age elements, items, music and scripts are all property of the relative authors and Collaborators of this mod and it is forbidden any different use
unless differently stated by the relative authors .

- No files that are packaged as part of Conan Hyborian Age may be redistributed in any way shape or form. This includes the ESM, Music files,
and any files contained within the BSA.


3d models/textures
Design and Ideation Prometheus

Music Soundtracks Chsristian Andersson
Scripting and Technical
and problem solving Ttl269

Voice Acting Guinolas asConan

Tips for texturing : jmenaru, CaBaL120

Betatesting : Kalel

Picture taking : Tomaraya

Sources of Informations; The Conan Completist Forum

If you like and enjoy please endorse it don't forget ...

All the content of this mod is original and made from scratch , doesn't takes anything from the original Game ...

-Any item in this Mod is made completely from scratch and makes no use of anything by Bethesda or Third party ...
- Some few Items ( 1-2 ) might be recalling to a Vanilla texture ant if other mods installed altered some this might be the source of differing texture showed onthose.
-Do not sell any of the contents of this archive or the archive as a whole.
-Do not share or otherwise redistribute any of the archive's contents or the archive as a whole without permission form the author.