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*** Version 1.1 ***

-- WHAT'S NEW --

This is a small update; in fact you may wish to skip it--unless you want to make a custom faceplate for the black guitar. Basically I removed the reflection map from the gothic guitar's NIF (which wasn't working the way I intended anyway), so if anyone wishes to update that faceplate (see the optional file I uploaded), it wouldn't match.

As an option I uploaded the "blank" templates I used for the guitar faceplates. You can change them if you like--though you'll need to know how to edit image files and export to .dds (see the readme file for additional info). If you do make a new faceplate, please share it so I can see your handiwork. ;)

*** Version 1.00 ***

-- ABOUT --

"Musical Mayhem" began late one night after I had just completed my Dreamcatcher shield. I was watching some of my favorite music videos, including Lexy's "Ma People." In that video a wall of speakers is featured as a backdrop, and that got me thinking . . . Why not a speaker shield?

But I didn't think the shield by itself was enough for "Musical Mayhem." I needed something else. The first idea was an electric guitar; Gibson's Les Paul seemed to inspire me most. Then the idea of a vintage microphone came to mind.

But how to use it all? Combat of course! (with a couple prop versions).


[Gibson Guitar] - Based on the Les Paul style. Two-handed (great sword combat style), with a 25 base point for damage.
[Gibson Guitar B] - Blue variant with a 35 point base damage.
[Gibson Guitar G] - Gothic variant with 45 point base damage.
[Gibson Guitar L] - Lexy (pink) variant with 55 points base damage. Homage to the inspiration for the mod.
[Speaker Shield] - Heavy armor; 50 point base.
[Mega Speaker Prop] - Huge prop version of the speaker shield. Marty McFly approved!
[Vintage Mic 1H] - One-Handed vintage microphone weapon, based on an axe.
[Vintage Mic 2H] - Two-Handed vintage microphone weapon, based on a war hammer.
[Vintage Mic Stand] - Prop version of the 2H microphone. NOTE: if you are having trouble placing it in the world space (keeps tipping over), I suggest sneaking/crouching first before dropping.

-- HOW TO GET --

Either craft at the Skyforge in Whiterun (steel & misc categories) or use the command console (search on "mayhem" or "musical mayhem").


[Hand clipping] - This was unavoidable since the neck of the guitar was always going to be wider than the typical hilt of a weapon (but also much thinner). Add to that the fact the neck is also angled . . . It was either that, or a ridiculously thin neck that no one would believe could stand up to even a single whack of a skeever. =P

[Havoc Havoc] - This was especially an issue for the prop versions. With the mega speaker, due to the size, I had to use a smaller (than actual object) havoc bounding box so you could place it in a confined space without it going berserk and playing "violent pinball" all around. And the mic stand . . . that one I especially struggled with. I created three different types of havoc setups for the stand, and all had issues--mainly getting it to stay upright (definitely not a Weeble--wobbled and fell right down T_T). In the end I settled for a "bottom weighted" solution. Basically the havoc bounding box encompasses only the base of the stand, so that it will tend to stand up--but at the same time it may behave oddly if knocked over (if I can find a better way to do this, I will update later). Sneak/Crouch before dropping if you can't get it to drop and stay upright.

[Weapon back sit distance] - This can be an issue with any weapon and custom armors (vanilla armors worked fine for me). Body replacements are another factor (due to shape and skeleton). Thankfully there is a way to deal with this--albeit with the requirement of Creation Kit adjustments. You will need to adjust the armor (armor addon) you want to wear in the CK; the setting is "Weapon Distance" (1.5 was a good general setting for me). You only need to mess with this if you don't find the guitar sitting on the back the way you'd like (should only be on a custom armor).

. West Wind Combat Series - Misfit Mage UNP [] - The rope can serve the purpose as a strap for (the appearance of) holding the guitar on your back.


[Lexy - Ma People] - The inspiration for the mod:

[Mr Dave's resources] - Always some texture or pattern in his collection I can use (much of it tileable). If you texture, I highly recommend checking his mod out:

[Gothic Faceplate] - A composite of images were mined from a Google image search and found on various wallpaper sites--none of which informed the origin of. I tried to find the original sources, but alas, I could not. So if anyone knows who created it, please let me know and I'll update the acknowledgement appropriately.
. Skull Clock [file: 4933_Dark_Dark_-_Skull_Wallpaper.jpg] - Found many variations of it in different color schemes.
. 2 x Flower designs [file: gray-flowers-white-design.jpg] - One had embedded in it, but that site seems to be just another image/layout repository/miner.