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Many kind of activity gives you Experience Point (XP). You can advance your skill with consuming XP. That means you have no need to create ton of Iron Daggers for Smithing skill up.

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  • Turkish
  • Polish
I'm a fan of OblivionXP. This mod is my attempt to implement OblivionXP like Experience Point based Leveling System in Skyrim.

Many kind of Activity gives you Experience Point (XP). You can advance your skill with consuming XP.
That means you have no need to create ton of Iron Daggers for Smithing skill up.


I got mod introduction video from Brodual. Thank you!

[size=+1]Obtaining XP[/size]

Clear Quest, find new location, kill enemy and so on.
You can check currently XP you have via MCM [SXP->status] or using Lesser Power "SXP Show Stats".

1 notice about killing enemy, take final hit by yourself(Player) or followers(Teammate).

[size=+1]Skill Up[/size]

All skill up menu is available on MCM.
For example, if you want to skill up One-Handed, select MCM menu [SXP->Combat Skill->One Handed] and click "Level Up".
Of course you need enough XP to skill up.

[size=+1]Rest Point[/size]

When you sleep, you can obtain Rest Point once per day(except Werewolf).
At Obtaining XP, XP will be twice if you have Rest Point and Rest Point is consumed.
Sleep gives you 1000 Rest Point every hours (8000 points maxed).
This feature will bring you a good reason to sleep.


Some tweaks are available on MCM.

XP Rate - for example 200 % gives you twice XP. default 100 %.
Polling Interval - determines how often SXP check game variables. 1.0 - 2.0 is recommended.

check off entry name enables you to disable its functionality.
check off Display enables you to disable message only.

- Ingredients Harvested : intended to prevent message spam with automatic harvest mod.
- Food Eaten : intended to prevent message spam with automatic eat mod.

[size=+1]Leveling Design[/size]

XP you obtain is mostly fixed value or leveled linear.
XP required to next skill level is exponential.
So you can skill up quickly in early stage, but it will be slow down in the middle and mastering skill will be very long journey.

On creating this leveling mod, I have 3 philosophy.

1. I hate create ton of iron daggers. so crafting is not suit for gaining XP. Go outside and do Quest!
2. make Fighting with Dragons worth while. so kill Dragons gives you huge XP.
3. make everyone happy with Nirnroot at a sight :)


SkyUI 3.4

this is development environment. so these are not *exact* requirement.
I guess this mod will run on some other versions but I have not tested.

This mod also requires Skyrim Community Uncapper to disable default skill up system.

open SKSE_Elys_Uncapper.ini and set variables.




[You play Skyrim in English]
Download main file.
extract it and put esp and bsa to Skyrim's Data/ folder.

[You play Skyrim in other languages]
Download main with dummy translation files.
extract it and put esp bsa Interface/ and strings/ to Skyrim's Data/ folder.

Download optional translation file if your language version exists.

and overwrite:

# replace [your_language] with such as Japanese #


You don't need to ask me permission.
My answer for localize is always YES.
Thank you for taking your time to translation :)

German - contributed by thundernight
Russian - contributed by alexannddeerr (latest file may found at page)

[size=+1]Give XP from your mod[/size]

SXP supports SKSE's ModEvent Framework.

If you want to give XP to player after dancing !
Simply add 1 line on your script at dance end.

SendModEvent( "SXP", "GainXP", 100 )

It will give Player to 100 XP, and you don't need to set SXP as master file.

[Display your custom XP message]

Use "GainXPSilent" insted of "GainXP", SXP add XP points inside and does not show any message.
You can implement to show message as you wish.

SendModEvent( "SXP", "GainXPSilent", 100 )
Debug.Notification( "Dancing is so fun ! 100 xp." )

[size=+1]XP Activities[/size]

Kill Actor ( SM Kill Actor event )

Quests Completed
Misc Objectives Completed
Main Quests Completed
Side Quests Completed
The Companions Quests Completed
College of Winterhold Quests Completed
Thieves Guild Quests Completed
The Dark Brotherhood Quests Completed
Civil War Quests Completed
Daedric Quests Completed
Questlines Completed
Dawnguard Quests Completed
Dragonborn Quests Completed
Brawls Won

Locations Discovered
Dungeons Cleared
Standing Stones Found
Nirnroots Found

Craft Item
Spells Learned
Dragon Souls Collected
Words of Power Learned
Shouts Learned
Shouts Mastered

Food Eaten
Books Read
Ingredients Harvested
Ingredients Eaten
Diseases Contracted

Horses Owned
Houses Owned
Stores Invested In

Sneak Attacks
Locks Picked
Pockets Picked
Items Stolen
Houses Stolen

Mining ( 1.0.2 )
Chop Wood ( 1.0.2 )

Buy Items ( 2.0 )
Sell Items ( 2.0 )

Sawmill ( new 2.0.2 )
Grain mill ( new 2.0.2 )

[size=+1]Change Log[/size]

- Initial Release

- patched for translation issue

- Item Stolen count is temporary ignored.
- Activity Mining added.
- Activity Chop Wood added.

- Lockpicking changed from fixed XP to lock-level related XP.
- Pickpocket changed to check item's gold value and amount.
- Crafting changed from material based fixed XP to item's gold value related XP.
- Spell Learned XP gain is restricted only when you read spell-book.
- Base Magicka cost affects amount of Spell Learned XP.
- Activity Buy Item added.
- Activity Sell Item added.
- Perk Point Conversion added on MCM.
- [bugfix] fixed unable to obtain XP from Thief's Guild Quest Complete.
- [bugfix] skill progress is increased 0.1 before increment skill.

- Crafting Item's XP is changed to be rounded by Sqrt.
- [bugfix] fixed get stolen item XP from player's home container.
( quick fix. there still remains something to do I recognize. )

- Activity Sawmill added.
- Activity Grain Mill added.
- Skill Point calculation changed to use GetBaseActorValue. (ignores skill gain by buffs)
- Added follower check code on check ownership.

- [bugfix] fixed XP to spend on Perk Point Conversion did not increased.

- [bugfix] fixed sometimes can't get XP from Kill Actor Event.

- Mining XP now depends on Gold value of Objects you dig out.
- Standing Stone Effect added.
[Warrior] Required XP to Next is reduced to 80% on One-Handed, Two-Handed, Block, Heavy Armor, Smithing.
[Mage] Required XP to Next is reduced to 80% on Alteration, Conjuration, Destruction, Illusion, Restoration, Enchanting.
[Thief] Required XP to Next is reduced to 80% on Archery, Light Armor, Sneak, Lockpicking, Pickpocket, Speech, Alchemy.
[Lover and Lover's comfort] Required XP to Next is reduced to 85% on all skills.
* you can see [!] at head of numbers if you have Standing Stone Effects.
- added "Training zero bug" detection code.
- [bugfix] steal from container detection codes are temporary disabled. Currently I have no right way.

- logo added on MCM.
- Lockpicking XP gain 200%, if you can open it without breaking lockpick.
- "Trainign zero bug" detection code improved.
- [bugfix] fixed identifier token not cleared in some situation.

- added Enable/Disable Show/Hide option for Harvest and Eat on MCM.

- supported DLC2 Dragonborn Stalhrim mining.
- Werewolf can't get Rest Point.
- You can obtain Rest Point once per day.

- [bugfix] fix Rest Point was used but take no effect on Perk Poin Conversion.