Lakeview Manor Horse Relocation by andypenno14
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Added: 23/08/2013 - 06:18PM
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Last updated at 17:44, 23 Aug 2013 Uploaded at 18:18, 23 Aug 2013

For my first mod on the Nexus I kept it very simple. It always bugged me how on the vanilla Hearthfire DLC when you've built a stable it's practically useless unless you buy a horse from your steward. This mod changes this by setting your horse to spawn on the right side of the stable if you fast-travel to Lakeview Manor.

*WARNING* If you fast-travel while on your horse and then dismount the horse will not then go into the stable.

This mod should be compatible with practically all mods as it only changes the horse marker location.

The only thing required is obviously the Hearthfire DLC.