Master Illusion Spells Cap Remover by Bozzz123
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Added: 23/08/2013 - 04:20AM
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In vanilla skyrim the master illusion spells only affected npcs at level 25 or lower. This mod changes the cap so that all npcs level 100 and lower are affected. Only the master level spells are changed so the rest of the illusion skill is untouched. Almost all Skyrim npcs are under level 100 so the cap is basically removed. Note that this mod doesn't change the spell cost and the only reason the costs are so high in the images is because my character isn't a mage. Please don't forget to endorse and leave feedback in the comments section.

Recommended: Use NMM.
Manual: Place the .esp file into your data folder (yourskyrimdirectoryhere/data).
Uninstall: If you used NMM then deactivate it, if you installed manually then delete the .esp file.

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