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This mod adds 15 standalone, marriable followers of various races to your game.

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This mod adds 15 standalone, marriable followers of various races to your game. They will auto-level with you.
Standalone means, that they come with the Armors, Weapons, Eyes and the Hairstyle shown in the pictures and no other mods are necessary.

If you like some of my followers a endorsement, a comment or even a vote would be nice :]
And submit your screenshots! I'd like to see them :]

Morthana (requires Dawnguard)

Morthana is a simple blacksmith of no known status. While her skill is very good, its nothing noteworthy for the entire region. Her orc heritage tends to give her many nasty looks and often she is shunned by society. She now seeks a place to stay and perhaps start a small business to make some gold as she seeks to return to the ancient home of the Orcs. She has settled in the Drunken Huntsman for the time being.


This Khajiit is certainly considered the "Barbarian" if nobody else is. After befriending the Drunken Huntsmen's owners, the three became inseperable friends. He likes to get drunk, loud, and very proud. He is a rare case allowing him inside a city without continual supervision. Do'Rak uses two fist-weapons for combat.


Fjolfr is a traveling warrior-poet by trade. As he travels the land, he writes of the stories and tales he has either witnessed or encountered. As he writes his newest story in the Vilemyr Inn in Ivarstead, he hears something that he picks up on immediately: The Dragonborn has returned...


This female Khajiit is a unique specimen. Rather then the typical Khajiit bandit or Caravan in Skyrim, she seems to travel alone. She looks very innocent and kind... but could something more... sinister... lie below the surface? Only time can tell...
This one is roaming throught the woods near the "Clearpine Pond" in the south-west close of Solitude. If you look closely you can see the tiny island where she is on the map.


This Khajiit is a lone wolf in much of what he does. While being a Khajiit, he can't enter most cities unescorted. As of such, this Khajiit adapted to wilderness survival. Being a hunter has kept him alive and now is quite knowledgeable about nature and how to survive in Skyrim...
Jo'Rakha pitched his camp near a small waterfall at the "Evergreen-Groove", north-west of Falkreath.


Thromaire had been badly abused and mistreated during his time in Windhelm which resulted with a hate-crime being committed against him. His face got badly burned. Now he finally got a chance at revenge. He dons his battle-gear and is heading towards Solitude to join with the Imperial Legion. His burned face is hidden behind his mask that he made from the bones of wolves. He is currently taking a moments rest at the old Lighthouse near Dawnstar to recover from the long journey thus far made.

Santana (Requires Dawnguard)

A travelling Redguard Marksman, She uses her skills to assist the Dawnguard whenever she can. While she is not offically linked to the Dawnguard, she and Isran have a similar idea. She travels in search of wild Vampires and slays them with her crossbow to protect the citizens of Tamriel.
She takes a break from hunting vampires in the "Frostfruit" in Rorikstead.


This Orc was once a grand smith until Alduin's return ended with Bagamu's village burning to the ground. He was one of the few survivors. After traveling the grounds of Skyrim, he found more of his Kin in Dushnik-Yal and was taken in. He sworn to get vengeance upon the Dragons for this assault. Bagamu prefers one-hand weapons and he uses a for battle.


This Argonian was a simple worker in Windhelm for the longest of times. Working day and night at the fishery for an ungrateful Jarl and his city, Okan finally decided he had enough. One night, he slipped out of Windhelm and traveled Skyrim as a hired mercenary. He is currently residing in Solitude staring at the docks reminded of his past life...


He is an outcast Redguard due to his interest in magic. Later, he discovered the College of Winterhold and was accepted quite promptly. He only grew stronger in both knowledge and power in the College. One day, his mentor decided that the best way to improve Raccan's skill is in actual combat. Upon hearing of the Dragonborn's appearance, he decided to wait for the arrival and ask for companionship.
He is waiting for adventures in the "Frozen Hearth" Inn in Winterhold.


Nakum'a is a Khajiit that has always been the quiet type. She hardly ever talks except to those close to her. Her silence tends to put people on edge and fear her allowing her more freedom then the normal Khajiit. Rumors are already spreading about her causing even more fear in the hearts of Riften. One of the rumors are that she possibly killed 12 Orcs and 18 nords with only a dagger without any of them knowing until it was too late all within 10 seconds...
She can be met inside the "Bee & Barb" in Rifton.


Ra'zor is a unique Khajiit. Nobody quite knows why or how his mind works. Many consider him completely insane and a dangerous threat to life while others find him a crazy cat that consumed to much Skooma. The mind of Ra'zor is unknown, but one thing is defiantly known: Dont mess with this Khajiit. He crept in Rifton for some seedy dealings.

Husker the Bear (requires Dawnguard) & Eiruki

He was a former leader to the Silver-Hand, he decided to break off and go solo. He uses his tracking skills to find werewolves and ambush them before they even know whats happening. He is extremely efficient alone and can travel in silence without drawing attention. A luxury that the Silver-Hand does not have when traveling in groups.
He can be met at "Hela's Folley" in the north-east of Dawnstar.

Eiruki is the wife to Husker. The two were both Silver Hands once leading to their meeting of each other. A strange pack of two Werewolf rumored to be a fierce huntress and a strong Warrior destroyed her entire squad of elite Silver Hands and left only Eiruki alive to spread the word of warning. Now, Eiruki occasionally teams up with Husker for missions to tough for just Husker.

Russel (Requires Dawnguard)

While not a member of the Dawnguard, Russel was a simple farmer until one night when his family was attacked and turned. He would have been turned as well had Santana not arrived to assist him. He now follows her path and hunts vampires in hopes of one day restoring his family to normal...
Russel was last seen in the City of Falkreath near a fountain.


Installation with NMM is the easiest.
If you want to install the followers manually, merge the content of the .zip with your data folder.

For manual uninstallation remove these folders/files:

- DataXYZFollower.esp
- DataMeshesactorscharacterKFollower
- DatatexturesActorsCharacterKFollower
- DataMeshesactorscharacterFaceGenDataFaceGeomNameOfFollwer.esp
- DatatexturesActorsCharacterfacegendatafacetintNameOfFollower.esp

Known Issues

- Some clipping with hair, weapons or armor
- Some followers have the wrong voice cause all voices aren't suitable for followers

if you encounter any problems, please tell me :]


Big thanks to all who have supported me and let me use their assetts, you're great!

- Aoki for his terrific Iron Armor Variants
- Apachii for her lovely SkyHair
- Calyps for the great Razor Assassin and Nightshade Armors
- Earrindo for his Well Dressed Mage Armor
- Elvarheim for his awesome Glimmer
- faxivcm for his marvelous Dagger Craft Package
- gechbal for his amazing Hevno Dovah and Orgnums Dagger
- Halendia for the pretty Iridum Eyes
- InsanitySorrow for his Unique Uniques
- Hein84 for the Natural SkyHair Retexture
- Kimern88 for his gorgeous Argonian Mercenary Armor
- lautasantenni for the Katana Crafting and Expanded Jewelry Crafting
- LogRaam & Gabriel Mailhot for the beautiful Eyes of Beauty
- Maty743, Arynn and Isilmeriels for the amazing Bosmer Armor Pack
- Mennowar for his Hair Flowers and Feathers
- Nimezis for his suberb Hunting Grounds Outfit
- Newermind43 for the wonderful True Thief , Deadly Trio , Elven Archer and A Perfect Assassin Armor
- Nomo89 for his Heartstone bandolier
- NULL9 for the Male Cleric Armor
- Privateeye for the Helm of Oreyn Bearclaw , Ashland Amuletts and the pretty BiPolar Blade
- SkyrimNight2013 for his neat Warpaints
- SydneyB for her beautiful Princess of the Woods Armor
- Tom349 for his amazing Fist Weapons
- Tumbajamba for the Heavy Skaal Armor and the Mage Backpack
- Urwy for his gorgeous Red Eagles Bane
- Volavaga0 for his terrific Face Masks of Skyrim
- Zerofrost for the jaw dropping Contractor and Mavari , Raven & Blood Witch and Evil Mastermind Armor
- Dimon and Caliente for UNP and CBBE bodies which are used by some armors

And of course Bethesda for Skyrim

Special Thanks to:

- Apachii for helping me tweaking her hair mehses
- MiNiTails for help, advice, beta-testing and inspiration
- Nighkomoro for beta-testing, help, support and his unique stories he wrote for my followers
- SydneyB for teaching me things about the CK and NifSkope

If i' forgot somebody please pm me and i'll set it right :]
All assets are used with permission form their authors or are from free modders resources, anyway if i step on someone's toes don't hestitate to let me know.

Armors and Weapons can't be obtained by the player, please download the respective mods, a list can be found in the credits section.