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Project Parallax Remastered

This mod requires SMIM - Static Mesh Improvement Mod which you can get here -
It also requires ENB v.116 or later, but I highly suggest getting .205 or later as it contains the newest and most efficient parallax shaders.

If you don't get SMIM before installing Project Parallax, you could end up with some missing texture files.

V 1.3 Added Distant Decal compatiblity. Also improved a couple parallax maps and included Kaya47's Episode Parallax plugin which will add parallax mapping to the other roads in the game.

This is a remastery and expansion of my Project Parallax mod series. All the parallax maps from the old mods have been deleted and completely handpainted for maximum effect and precision. Furthermore, I have included Riften, Farms/Villages and Winterhold. This mod only covers exteriors except for a few interior textures in Whiterun. This mod covers Whiterun, Solitude, Windhelm, Winterhold, Farms/Villages, Markarth, Roads/Bridges, and Riften. YOU MUST HAVE ENB .116 OR LATER OR THE PARALLAX EFFECT WILL NOT FUNCTION CORRECTLY! This remastery has taken me roughly 60 hours over a span of 2 weeks to produce and I am proud of the results.

There are 7 versions now, vanilla/bethesda hires pack, HD2K, Skyrim Realistic Overhaul, Texture Pack Combiner, aMidianBorn Landscape, aMidianBorn Whiterun, and Tamriel Reloaded.

Parallax Mapping is an effect applied to textures in the game to give the illusion of full 3D depth, the best way to see this effect is to examine it first hand in game, but I will provide screenshots and a couple video demonstrations.

ENB .116 OR LATER IS REQUIRED!!! However, I will include an ENB preset that has nothing but the ENB fix turned on, it will not affect the colors or the lighting in the game at all. For those of you that already have an ENB preset, make sure that you have "Fix Parallax Bugs = true" in your ENB settings.

There shouldn't be a noticeable performance loss, I play on a 4 year old 2.6Ghz dual-core processor and notice no fps hit from the parallax maps(this effect is cpu depndant). However, having ENB running in your system can have a large impact on performance no matter what settings are turned on.

If you don't have ENB, you can download it here -

I highly recommend the Skyrim HD2K texture pack, as it looks much better than most vanilla textures. You can download it here -


You should be able to install this with Nexus Mod Manager, if you choose to do it manually, just drag the meshes and textures folders into your Skyrim/data folder and click "Yes to all" when and if prompted to do so, and make sure you have the Episode Parallax plugin enabled or some roads will not be parallax mapped.


Compatible with - Vanilla Textures, Bethesda's Hires Textures, Skyrim HD2K, Serious HD Landscape, Skyrim Realistic Overhaul, Texture Pack Combiner, Enhanced Lights and Effects, SMIM, Distant Decal Fix, aMidianBorn's Landscape, aMidianborn's Whiterun, and Tamriel Reloaded. Just be sure to download the corresponding version for your texture pack.

Any mod that replaces the meshes this mod uses, will overwrite the parallaxed meshes and remove the parallax effect. I suggest installing this over SMIM as it won't have any huge changes.

Sometimes you may notice shifting spots on some of the textures, this is caused by the mesh and is beyond my skillset to fix. I have made these parallax maps to reduce the amount of shifting as much as possible, and there is 95% less shifting than the original Project Parallax.

Dec 1, Added updates for users of Tamriel Reloaded, aMidianBorn's Whiterun, and aMidianBorn's Landscape. Also added parallax only ENB configuration for ENB version .221 and later.
V1.3 Added Distant Decal compatiblity and included an ELFX patch as a separate download(Windhelm not included in the ELFX patch, too many meshes and not enough time) Also improved a couple parallax maps and included Kaya47's Episode Parallax plugin which will add parallax mapping to the other roads in the game.
V1.2 Update, added some more missing SMIM meshes, thanks Brumbek for sending them to me.
V1.1 - SMIM and USKP compatibility added. Also added a version for SRO and TPC users, SMIM is required for both.

Me for the mod, Bethesda for the game, Brumbek for his SMIM meshes, Boris Vorontsov for the ENB Parallax fix, SparrowPrince for his Distant Decal Fix meshes, Kaya47 for his Episode Parallax plugin, and anamorfus for his ELFX meshes.