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Have you marveled at the wide lands of Falskaar, only to find the world map... lacking? Looking to add a bit more cumulus to your Falskaar adventures? Stop on by, and I'll fix that world map in a jiff.

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Falskaar World Map Clouds

So, after opening the Falskaar world map and essentially doing this, I decided to make a cloud mesh for Falskaar. I've also increased the minimum height for the world map camera to 35,000, as you were able to clip through the clouds at AJV's original height of 20,000.

Known Issues
If you stand in certain high parts of Falskaar, you'll see the map clouds fade away as you exit the world map. This is true for Skyrim's clouds as well, it's simply unfixable without raising the clouds up significantly higher.

Compatible with just about anything, with the exception of other mods that add a cloud mesh to Falskaar or change the world map zoom settings. Probably not compatible with Warburg's Paper World Map.

Either unpack the archive to your Data folder or use Nexus Mod Manager. To uninstall, uncheck FalskaarClouds.esp and remove the plugin and archive from your Data folder.

Version History
  • 1.0: 8/17/2013
  • Release