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College for Non-Mages

It has always bothered me that to gain access to the College of Winterhold during the main quest-line you had to learn spells even if you intended to play a non-magical character. As if forcing you to join wasn't enough...

Well, I can't fix the joining part but I've managed to tweak the quest "First Lessons" to let you skip the spell learning parts!



- The speech check at the College gate has been reduced by half i.e. you need 50 Speech to pass. The original 100 was ridiculous compared to the alternative (pay 30 gold and cast a spell).

- Now you don't have to do the Ward training with Tolfdir to finish "First Lessons". When he ask for assistance with the Ward spell just tell him you want to do something more meaningful and he will skip the training.



Don't rush through Tolfdir's dialogue! Doing so sometimes glitches the lesson. Nothing serious though - the dialogue might repeat or skip to the actual training, Tolfdir might not start training or forget to give you the Ward spell. I believe these issues were present in vanilla Skyrim as well, but now they might be easier to trigger. If you let him finish his lines you have nothing to fear.



1. Unzip the rar file you chose to download into your Data folder
2. Run the Skyrim Launcher
3. Select Data Files and enable the appropriate esps


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