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A home for your children and followers in between Whiterun and Windhelm with a farm and hearthfire planting in beautiful scenery

Permissions and credits
In light of recent changes to Valve and Steam workshop and Paying for mods.
My mods are free to download and will remain so.
I do not  give my permission for my mods to be uploaded to Steam Workshop or uploaded for Gaming Consols. This is not me being PC elitist. I don't own a gaming consol so I can't troubleshoot, maintain the mod or in any way be helpful to a user - if someone wants to do all that they are welcome to get in touch with me and ask to do so. 
I do not under any circumstances give my permission for any assets I personally have made for this mod to be used in a mod which then charges users money to download them.
Other permissions remain as listed at the bottom of this page.

This Version of my mod requires Hearthfire DLC.
Located in rural Eastmarch just behind Cradlecrush rock and midway between Whiterun and Windhelm this free house and farm is a small distance off the main road. Fast travel is either to the front door or to the farm area close to the stable block.
The house contains a total of fourteen rooms and an additional galleried balcony. It is reasonably lore friendly but does have plumbed water. Decorated throughout in noble style the house has a lot of decoration and clutter but nearly all of it is statics.
Much of what looks like clutter or decoration is actually themed storage. It is fully navmeshed and follower friendly and comfortably sleeps 9 followers.
The house would suit a player who likes rural life in beautiful scenery in a property which accomodates followers and who appreciates crafting, mining and being able to grow and harvest their own food, the house is fully staffed so it never feels totally empty.
The staff are not recruitable (by choice - I like to come home to a lived-in home).

More details and extra pictures can be found on the original mod pages at

This version has a childs room which will sleep 6 children if you use TMPhoenixs mod at
This mod will ensure your spouse and children will move in and use the house as a home. The children will go outside to play and your spouse will go in and out throughout the day and sleep in the master bed (the one nearest the window in the master bedroom).
However the mod will run perfectly well as a stand alone, in which case the children's room will not be used, for those who want the planting mounds and other hearthfire attributes without adoption

There is a hearthfire crafting oven.

Additionally it has hearthfire planting mounds, both inside on the gallery and outside in the fenced farm area and greenhouse. The harvestables from previous versions have been removed as the planting mounds allow you to grow whatever you want anyway. There are quite a lot of them :)

The cows are milkable and produce a jug of milk and cream daily. Hovver the cursor over their flank and press E, the animation will take over.
There are chickens for eggs and bee hives for honey.
Also a farm well and grain mill.
In addition it has all the crafting that was in the original mod.
Your followers will undress to use the bath and will redress as they exit the area and before they get to the bathroom door.
In this version the house has been put onto a full day/night cycle. It looks beautiful indoors at dawn and dusk when the early morning sun shines in, in the evenings the lights come on and at night it gets darker.
All pictures on this page are using vanilla lighting

Known Issues
It will conflict with any mod which alters the landscape near Cradlecrush rock or any other house in the same spot.
If for any reason the house seems darker in the day than usual just go outside and come back in.
For those experiencing the "floating" grass issue, this is a Bethesda bug and nothing to do with this mod adding anything strange. This fix is:
Open, in your documents folder, the Skyrim.ini AND SkyrimPrefs.ini with notepad or other similar text editor and in the [grass] section
add the following
that will fix the issue for you after adding those lines save the files and reload the game and it should be sorted.

Artisanix for paintings and frames
Berticus for the milking and undressing scripts
Blary for Booksets, food container meshes, open books and potion shelves
Brendan62 for the greenhouse
DarkRider & team CelticDecor for paintings and frames
Daemonjax for lighting ball scripts
Insanity Sorrow for a curtain and a watering can
Lilith for stew gathering and toy chest
Oaristys & Tony67 for various meshes in the Modders resource pack
Phaedra for the meshes and textures for cream
Runspect for a model ship
Tamira for the rocking horses and teddy bears
Tonynarko67 for Shelf Scrolls
yourenotsupposedtobeinhere for new rugs

You may use anything from this mod provided it was made by me although credit would be nice.
For all other resources please check with the modders concerned (unless it is a modders resource in the first place).
You may not upload this to SteamWorkshop (or to any other site) without my permission or do anything to change the esp and reupload it.
If you want to translate the mod that's fine, but please let me know first.

Manual installation
Place Candle Pond Ranch Hearthfire.esp and Candle Pond Ranch Hearthfire.bsa in your data folder at steam/steamapps/common/skyrim. Check that Candle Pond is ticked in the launcher.

Manual Uninstallation
Move your spouse, followers and children out of the house and set another house as their home, remove all goods that you want to keep. Remove the esp and bsa from you data folder.

I recommend the following mods:
More plants and recipes for Hearthfire by numberland
Gives the choice of more plants for the hearthfire planting mounds, things like tomatoes and apple trees can now be grown and a lot of extras depending on which version you use.
Another Mannequin Script Fix by Berticus0001
Stops the annoying unequiping of a mannequin's inventory if you are absent from the house for more than a day or two and fixes them in place. Please follow his installation instructions completely if you want it to run correctly.
Hearthfire Dolls are Ugly by Berticus0001 Replacer for the fairly horrid hearthfire dolls that allows you to choose between various teddy bears or elf dolls