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This mod adds 4 new Conjuration summons available for the player.

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This mod adds 4 new Conjuration summons available for the player.

No Skyrim DLC needed.

-Conjure Spectral Warrior
-Conjure Spectral Archer
-Conjure Spectral Mage
-Conjure Spectral Shield Guardian

These spells are acquired from tomes and are sold by hold wizards and Phinis Gestor from the College of Winterhold.

Spells List:

Spell Name / Seller and Location / Initial Magicka Cost

1. :Apprentice: -- Conjure Spectral Warrior / (Farengar - Whiterun, Wuunferth - Windhelm, Wylandriah - Riften) / 200.

2. :Adept: -- Conjure Spectral Archer / (Calcelmo - Markarth, Sybille Stentor - Solitude, Wylandriah - Riften) / 325.

3. :Expert: -- Conjure Spectral Mage / (Farengar - Whiterun, Wuunferth - Windhelm, Calcelmo - Markarth, Sybille - Solitude) / 425.

4. :Master: -- Conjure Spectral Shield Guardian / (Falion - Morthal) / 700.

~All spells mentioned above are also sold by Phinis Gestor (Conjuration Trainer) at the College of Winterhold~

Spell Notes:
All summons will appear as Spectral Nordic Heros (Equipped with Ancient Nord armor and weapons).
All spells will work properly with conjuration perks.
All summons will scale with the player up to LvL 81. Ex: Summoning a warrior while the player is LvL xx will make the warrior LvL xx.
Because of this, magicka costs for spell have been slightly increased above the average summons for your skill LvL.
Casting will be slightly longer.
The Spectral Mage will focus on using Lightning bolt more often.

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Feel free to leave any suggestions or comments!
If there are any issues with this mod, please comment so that I could fix / improve.