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The purpose of this mod is to add 15 unique and diverse followers across Skyrim. Also to give more varieties of race-class combinations for the player to choose from. This mod also adds immersion and population to the inns and taverns.

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[SIZE=7]Follower Pack II[/SIZE]
This mod adds 15 unique followers across Skyrim.
Gives more variety of race-class combinations for the player to choose from and to immerse / populate the inns and taverns.

All followers included in this pack are males and start at a base level of 10; similar to vanilla mercenaries. Level cap varies around 45-55 for each follower.
These followers do not have high tier armor such as ebony or daedric. Instead, they will have scale, steel, iron, etc..
This is to prevent newly created characters from getting access to powerful gear too early. It also gives the player a chance to give the followers better gear as they progress.

Does not require any Skyrim DLC.
Load this mod before any other mods that alters Follower AI such as UFO or ATF.
This is not a Multi-Followers mod.

Dismiss any followers that were added in this mod. Find an empty cell then save. Unsubscribe / Uninstall afterwards.
"Set playerfollowercount 0" is a useful console command if you are unable to recruit any followers afterwards. Do not use this if you have quest followers such as * Spoiler* Mercer or Farkas.

All followers have a torch within their inventory. Simply remove it if you prefer them not to have one.
Mages are equipped with appropriate gear, matching their specializations.
Followers will have low tier weapons.
Followers are not candidates for marriage.
Followers are not essential and can be killed in combat or by taking falling damage.
Melee and Magic users will not have hunting bows / *invisible* iron arrows in their inventory.
Archers will have their own bow with limited arrows. (Can be removed and replaced)

Important note on finding followers:
Followers in this pack can be found wandering around the hold and resting in the listed inn / tavern at night.
Others can be found it the assigned inn / tavern indefinitely; similar to followers found in Follower Pack I.

Follower List

Name / Race / Specialization / Location / LvL Cap


1. Gaverus Pentellius - Imperial - (Assassin) - Falkreath / Dead Man's Drink - Capped at 45.
2. Volken - Nord - (1h) - Riverwood / Sleeping Giant Inn - Capped at 50.
3. Olgrin - Nord - (2h) - Frostfruit Inn , Rorikstead - Capped at 50.
4. Lendel Serveri - Wood Elf - (1h) - Ivarstead / Vilemyr Inn - Capped at 50.
5. Otin Stout-Hammer - Nord - (2h) - Dragonbridge / Fourshields Tavern - Capped at 55.


6. Talgrel - Dark Elf - (Archer) - Frostfruit Inn, Rorikstead - Capped at 45.
7. Lidenil - High Elf - (Archer) - Dawnstar / Windpeak Inn - Capped at 50.
8. Taverin Uthriel - Wood Elf - (Archer) - Moorside Inn, Morthal - Capped at 50.
9. Gor Gro-Nalug - Orc - (Archer) - Old Hraldon Inn, The Reach - Capped at 55.
10. Atmih - Redguard - (Archer ) - Nightgate Inn, The Pale (East) - Capped at 55.


11. Lindil - Wood Elf - (Necromancer / Destruction - Fire) - Sleeping Giant Inn, Riverwood - Capped at 45.
12. Telvin Natharius - Imperial - (Destruction - Lightning) - Bannered Mare, Whiterun - Capped at 50.
13. Mel Rolindas - Wood Elf - (Destruction - Fire and Frost) - Candlehearth Hall, Windhelm - Capped at 50.
14. Garthas Fryl - Dark Elf - (Destruction - Frost and Lightning) - The Silverblood Inn, Markarth - Capped at 55.
15. Hjerleif Ice-Hawk - (Destruction - Frost) - Bee and Barb, Riften - Capped 55.

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