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  1. CemKey
    • member
    • 94 posts
    • 29 kudos
    Please correct the error in Niftools Shader color destination. In 3DS Max colors range from 0-255, and Niftools 0,000-1,000. And it does not occur when you export conversion.
    I can certainly in the material editor to use another shader, but it is very inconvenient.
  2. Arisen1
    • premium
    • 906 posts
    • 97 kudos
    I want to thank you SO much for these plugins. I am using 3Ds Max 2010, and I had a very glitchy and outdated nif plugin for it. It had been working perfectly fine until I my most recent bear mesh that had completely warped all over the place after I had exported it. After installing this plugin, I simply imported the messed up nif and exported it again, and there were absolutely no issues. So, I really want to thank you for this, and I hope you'll continue to update it!
  3. Squall82
    • member
    • 341 posts
    • 11 kudos
    After extracting a nif file my textures are displace by few cm.
  4. 1stchannel
    • member
    • 168 posts
    • 6 kudos
    Hi there C:
    me was trying to export a knife, for skyrim. me get error "Invalid String Position" everytime when exporting.
    me using the files in the 3ds Max 2012  folder. can you explain to me whats wrong and how can me fix it? Thankies C:
    Here's the screenies for the errors


    1. LadyHorus
      • supporter
      • 168 posts
      • 25 kudos
      I'm having the same problem. My only workaround is to reinstall the original files from and export. You can then reinstall the files from this mod and re-export again and it should have the tangent infos and export without errors. Other than that, I'm not sure what to do to fix it either. Would be a lot less of a hassle if this mod could be fixed and there was no need to revert back to the other files for this one step.
    2. timebomb
      • premium
      • 37 posts
      • 5 kudos
      Its a bad texture path. When you export your mesh, clear the texture path. On the export tool it says "Texture", delete that and leave it blank. Reapply textures in nifskope afterwards.
    3. LadyHorus
      • supporter
      • 168 posts
      • 25 kudos
      Thank you so so much! This will make my work go much faster. Can't tell you how much you've helped!
  5. Astralify
    • supporter
    • 294 posts
    • 121 kudos
    So, does this export skin with more than 4 bones per vertex properly?
  6. MelodyOfNight
    • premium
    • 380 posts
    • 19 kudos
    Hey, I know this was mentioned quite often, but are you planning to update this to newer versions (like 2014/15/16)? Because these are what most people are using
    1. Colleenfrances
      • member
      • 294 posts
      • 3 kudos
      Yes this really really needs an update. 2014/2015/2016 are the only versions of 3DS Max you can get for free with a student email.
  7. Angilla
    • supporter
    • 424 posts
    • 314 kudos
    Glad to see someone still working on this project!

    The question is, is this further along than 3.7.3?
  8. jewfish
    • premium
    • 160 posts
    • 2 kudos
    Does this support importing and exporting vertex colors for Fallout New Vegas? I can't get them to work at all, once I reexport my model, it gets very damaged due to no vertex colors. I don't know if they aren't getting imported, or exported, but I'd love to know if there is a solution to this.
  9. testiger2
    • member
    • 358 posts
    • 143 kudos
    Thank you for this
    The bone system seems to solve some skinning issues i encountered lately

    I would like some improvenment for the BSdismember skin modifier though. In Figments version you had more bodyparts and better naming inside max
    Is it possible to expand the list and maybe include even include the xtra/unused body parts?

    Also im kind of suspicous about the BSLightningshader wich seems to look fine but some small stuff i noticed for example the shadertype is always set as default and also some people report bugs in the comments
    is the new system foolproof or will i be better off copy pasting clean BSLightning like before?
  10. MacKom
    • member
    • 483 posts
    • 288 kudos
    3DSMax 2012 32bit version, latest Nif exporter, exporting a Morrowind nif - getting an "invalid string" error. Unable to export any kind of Morrowind .nif file, making this particular plugin, sadly, useless.
    1. www182
      • member
      • 111 posts
      • 9 kudos
      true, i haven't tested this for morrowind as i stated in the readme and in the description it is mainly for skyrim,(i just fixed some issue with skyrim specific parts didnt touch mw) you can use the official niftools latest plugin for morrowind (since morrowind nif version was fully functional in that one, but you cant even export with that to skyrim, thats why figment made his plugin, and i fixed some issue in his code),