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Simple plugin that increases distance that NPCs or Followers move to when being Bumped

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A user video created by ATTAYA
check it out :)

Move it Dammit!

Simple plugin that increases the distance that Companions and Creatures walk to when being "Bumped".


if Companions or Creatures are in a doorway, sometimes they don't move far enough and continue to block your way..


You Rage!! ..asdf%%@?!!FFFF!!!?


This esp will tell them to walk around double the distance away from you rather than default values.
If there is no way forward they will walk around you in a circle, so ensure there's room for them.

Choose one:

- Move it.esp
Default wait time before Actor moves further away.

- Move it.esp - Less Wait Time
Actors should move almost instantly further away.

- Move it.esp - Less Wait Time and Follow me closer
as above but following distance between each companion is a lot closer
(192 default is now reduced to 48)
NOTE: does not change distance to player, only the spacing between each follower.


- UFOtweak
For U.F.O. users only, only effects PlayerFollowerPackage settings - will still need one of the Move_it plugins (not merged)
- also enable only ONE UFOtweak at a time.

- UFOtweakV2
Merges Move_it + various UFO tweaks (see files section)
- if you use this, use this plugin ONLY.

ALL Move it plugins are compatible with everything
MCM + scripting mods may override these settings.
Compatible as these affect Global/Game settings only.

Check the comments section for updated info and help.

Featured in Skyrim Mod Sanctuary 27

- No permissions for Moveit plugins, no need to ask - do whatever you want with them.
- UFOtweak is an addon and does not overwrite UFO plugins.
- UFO is subject to UFO authors original permissions.
- AFTtweak is an addon and does not overwrite AFT plugins.
- AFT is subject to AFT authors original permissions.
- Followers can Relax Idles Addon is an addon and does not overwrite original plugins.
- Followers can Relax is subject to Followers can Relax authors original permissions.