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does anyone ever had problems of seeing enemies because of the bows being in the way, just laying flat on your back..not anymore bitch your going down
this is a skeleton replacer xp32's maximum skeleton(XPMS)slightly smaller quiver and repositioned bow..
there are 2 female for CBBE and UNP enchanced body and 1 male if you want all the NPC's bows repositioned than install 1 female for your body type and 1 male skeleton
CBBE and UNP added bows corrected position...I recommend the CBBE one because of armor and it actually came out better than the unp enchanced body one the quiver on the unp body is on her lower back..the CBBE one works perfectly for UNP too
wear your bow how its suppose to be worn....the right way it works on all bows...also corrected dagger positions on xp32's maximum skeleton for UNP enhanced goes to xp32 for her awesome maximum skeleton I just didn't like the way the bows in the game are worn...
also the player npc seems to grab the bow correctly...also scaled the quivers down a bit,,it actually looks a lot better because the arrows didn't scale down at all

PROBLEMS:not seeing the bows linning up correctly..when u first load up the game after installing this
SOLUTION: unequip your bow or switch to a sword then reequip your bow that's it,,its a done deal no more clutter on your back
this is an edited xp32 maximum skeleton XPMS original link below,all credits goes to xp32 for her badass skeleton thx
xp32's maximum skeleton

anyone else have replying issues a lot of time when trying to reply to others comments nexus wont let me reply tired of typing 50 words over and over yo WTF
fixed folder path for people who don't know what to do just drop the Data folder into your skyrim directory and overwrite if asked

To Edit The Positioning Of Your Weapon:
the short version you'se the skeleton that you want to edit,open it in extract the .nifs we will need to adjust on the skeleton from your skyrim-meshes.bsa ,bow ,quiver and your body mesh,open the body mesh in nifskope,right click on the 0NiNode go to block copy branch. go to the skeleton that you opened in nifskope,at the top left go to the 0 BSFadeNode right click and choose block paste branch,and your mesh will be attached to the skeleton,now you want to edit the quiver right so find the quiver bone on the skeleton,lower left on the back,on the left it will say weapon bow for the bow bone, or quiver. from the extracted .nifs open the _arrow.nif in nifskope and block copy branch,in your skeleton nifskope window find quiver on the left and block paste branch now above the quiver NiNode is a blank NiNode right click on the blank one and choose translate - edit a box will come up and you can edit your quiver's position to were you need it to be.when your done editing you'll want to remove those mehes that you placed on the skeleton,for the body mesh it's the last one on the bottom choose block-remove branch for the quiver it is right below quiver it will say something like skeleton remove that too and your done,,, save and your done