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Continue your journey as the wandering druid and meet a mysterious Dunmer who holds the title of being Kynareth's champion. More aspects await you in this thrilling sequel to the Wrath of Nature series.

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The Champion of Kynareth is finally here. Please be reminded that players are required to have finished the quest in the mod Wrath of Nature - The Path of the Druid in order for the sequel quest to trigger.

Back up your save files as this mod is script intensive. It is recommended that you keep the mod for the duration of your playthrough as the scripts get baked into your save files. Enjoy!

This mod is also available on the Steam Workshop!


Continue on your journey as a druid in this sequel to the Wrath of Nature series. The sky goddess Kynareth is in need of help with her champion that has strayed away from the light. It is up to you to decide his fate and perhaps even become the new champion yourself.

Transform into four new and distinctly designed creatures with different abilities. Explore Skyrim's depths as a slaughterfish, soar above the skies as a wasp, stalk your prey as a spider, or maybe go all out with rage as a werelizard.


  • Four new transformations with unique abilities.
  • Fully-voiced questline with 2 possible endings!
  • A potential follower with the power to transform to any of the seven forms available to the player.
  • Become a champion of Kynareth! The goddess bestows upon you the ability to dodge incoming melee attacks by certain chance and be friendly with every creature in Tamriel.
  • Radiant quests which can occur with a default probability of 20%. This rate of occurrence can be configured via MCM.
  • Adros' location can be tracked by enabling the option in MCM.
  • The amount of bonus stats received for each aspect is configurable in MCM.
  • Morality can be turned on/off via MCM. This feature when turned on, prohibits the player from committing any further crimes as champion. Consequences for continued crime spree while this option is left on includes loss of all transformations and champion perks. Although these consequences can be averted depending on you.


Once the Path of Druid quest line has been finished, go to the Temple of Kynareth in Whiterun and pray over the shrine in order to trigger the first quest.




Note: Pressing the "Shout" key anytime during a transformation will revert you back to your original form.

Aspect of Water - This spell will allow the user to transform into an aquatic creature.
  • Left Click: Left Slash - A melee attack with razor sharp teeth.
  • Right Click: Right Slash - A melee attack with razor sharp teeth.
  • Left & Right Click: Uppercut - An upwards melee attack with razor sharp teeth.
  • Passive: The aspect of water swims fast and is able to breath indefinitely underwater.

Aspect of Shock - This spell will allow the user to transform into a flying wasp.
  • Left Click: Lightning Bolt - A bolt of lightning strikes down a single target.
  • Right Click: Shock Orb - A concentrated projectile of electricity is hurled towards a single target.
  • Left & Right Click: Lightning Storm - The wasp musters all its energies to call forth bolts of lightning to strike down multiple targets within radius.
  • Aura: The wasp generates intense static around the air constantly shocking nearby foes.
  • Passive: The wasp is highly resistant to shock damage and has the ability to fly.

Aspect of Shadow - This spell will allow the user to transform into a brooding spider.
  • Left Click: Poison Rush - A two-hit melee combo that causes poison damage.
  • Right Click: Brood - The spider attempts to brood inside the targets body. If the target is killed, three spiderlings hatch from the corpse and fight by the spider's side.
  • Left & Right Click: Shadow Walk - The spider hides within the shadows and steps out from behind a random enemy. The next melee attack will deal double damage until the effect lasts.
  • Aura: The spider deals minor health damage over time.
  • Passive: The spider is immune to poison damage.

Aspect of Decay - A malevolent demon that greatly enhances the player's strength and agility.
  • Left Click: Feral Swipe - A furious swipe with razor-sharp feral claws.
  • Right Click: Feral Swipe - A furious swipe with razor-sharp feral claws.
  • Left & Right Click: Feral Barrage - The lizard goes berserk and releases multiple attacks with fury.
  • Aura: All enemies within range have their maximum health reduced.
  • Passive: The aspect enhances most of the player's abilities.


As the champion, you are to maintain the balance of life in Skyrim. Amaralda will appear before you every now and then to give you a task which involves killing abominations or groups of bandits / poachers. Amaralda will give the player a boon every time a radiant quest is completed. The boon lasts for 24 hours. The following outlines the requirements to triggering a radiant quest:
  • Player must be a champion of Kynareth.
  • Player must be out of combat and be in the Tamriel worldspace.
  • The boon of Kynareth should not be in effect on the player.

Given that the boon lasts for 24 hours, this means that at 100% probability, a radiant quest would occur once a day at most.


The following are recommended / required when running this mod:


Simply place the ESP and BSA files to the Skyrim Data folder. I would recommend using NMM or any mod manager to install this.
Note: It is recommended to load the Champion of Kynareth.esp AFTER the Wrath of Nature.esp.


  • The mod should be incompatible to other mods that drastically alter locations in Skyrim. I have added 8 spawn points within Tamriel where certain monsters appear for players to hunt.
  • Should also be incompatible to mods that greatly modify the behavior of the Chaurus Hunter, Spider, Slaughterfish, and Werewolf.
  • Should Adros get stuck / stop at any time, just try to open up the console and disable / enable him.
  • The mod might still be unbalanced in terms of difficulty.
  • Issue with AFT where the dialogue option "I need you to do something." gets duplicated. I'm not sure why AFT is adding that dialogue.


Note: Back up your save files before updating!

Version 1.3
  • Re-packaged some of the missing voice files I forgot to include in the 1.2 release. Sorry!

Version 1.2
  • Better follower compatibility for Adros. Tested with UFO and AFT.
  • Reduced health bonus for aspect of shock.
  • Champion's presence can now be toggled in the MCM.
  • Some settings in the MCM will only appear when the mod quest line is finished.


Big thanks to the very talented voice actors, Corey Hall, and Cheryl Walker for providing top notch quality voice overs!

Thanks to Kevin Massey (Leaffall) for allowing me to use his sea monster mesh and texture. You can check out his awesome works at

Thanks to lifestorock for allowing use of his mod Skyrim Immersive Creatures to obtain Leaffall's slaughterfish assets.

Thanks to TumbaJamba for making the models for the Aspect of Decay and Adros' Armor Set and of course to DVAted for the art direction of these models.

Thanks to EnaiSiaion for help with scripting the Shadow Walk ability based on his mod Apocalypse Spell Package.

Thanks to J3X for help with the flight ability of the wasp which was based on his mod Flyable Broomstick.

Thanks to dogtown1, and Ironman5000 for allowing use of some models of the Skyrim Monster Mod. And of course to CDProjekt for the creation of the Witcher game where some of the models came from.

Thanks to Jen Guerin (ScaryMonster) and Corey Hall for helping with the creative process and writing some of the lines for Adros.

Thanks to UlithiumDragon for recoloring the Aspect of Water texture for the female variant.

Props to UlithiumDragon, Vusak, ALIENS218, KingdomWhit, Mexidra, Bloodwing, and Karl313 for helping out testing the mod and providing much needed ideas on how to improve it.