Vampire without Vampirism by XunAmarox
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Added: 18/12/2011 - 08:50AM
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Vamp Without Vamp
by XunAmarox

This mod will give you all skills associated with vampirism without actually becoming a vampire. You can use it for whatever reasons you may have. Roleplaying or just personal preferences, or what have you. Maybe you want green eyes instead of vampire ones but don't want to affect the rest of vampires, maybe you don't want the hassle of having to feed and not regenerating during the day, or maybe you just don't want the gaunty puckered up face, or maybe you want to be some kind of Werewolf-Vampire hybrid. Whatever the reason, here it is, for your convenience.

Note: This does NOT give you the ability to feed.

This is a bat command file mod, some of you are probably familiar with these. I made it for myself and figured I'd save someone else the trouble and go ahead and share it. It's nothing revolutionary or anything, it just is what it is.

Commands as follow:

This will give you all vampire skills without becoming vampire race.

This will undo what the above did.

This will make you friendly to the vampire faction.

This will remove you from the friendly vampire faction.

This will make you friendly to vampires, various undead, and wolves.

This will remove you from the previously added faction with vampfac2.

This will replace your 25% sneak bonus Nightstalker's Footsteps with Night Stalker's Footsteps which makes you move silently while sneaking. It will remove the previous one.

This will remove the silent one and add back the 25% one.

Adds Weakness to Fire at the percentage listed at the end of "vfire"; e.g. 25%, 50%, etc. I suggest running vfire0 if you decide to change it, unless you want to gimp yourself with more fire weakness. vfire0 removes all Weakness to Fire spells you may have added.

Added for those that are real vampires that want to get rid of it but don't want the hassle of having to do it themselves.

Usage example:
bat vampme

place contents of "bat files" folder in your Skyrim folder where the exe is, not the Data folder

do "bat unvampme" first to undo any changes then delete the txt files you added

1.2 - added vampfac2 to provide original functionality of vampfac for those that want it
1.1 - change vampfac to only make friendly to vampires but not wolves or various undead; added curerealvamp
1.0 - release