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The cottage of the Moons
ObliSan Team mod

A cottage with a history

This cottage bears a sad story of love, but we can make the end, be a happy ending.

Requirements: none

Recommended Mods

Skyrim To color (do not use ENB)

New version 4.2

-Added some containers, weapon / shield plaque, and a few more improvements.
-The player can lie on the bed, and sit on the crag's out.
-Our followers, collect flowers, will work in the garden, sit near the pool and they will catch water.
-Wandering Ghost is now stronger.

-Necessary, collect all objects in the player to avoid losing them .
-Uninstall v 4.1, and save game.
-Install v 4.2


Version 4.1

Description of the cottage:

It has everything you need to live in it,
completely new basement, stairs and stair area,
some peculiar things like boiling water,
the lamps that can be turned off and not left empty
a history, a garden, a puddle, a horse ... his owner ... all very curious.
Very complete, nice, and proper to Skyrim.

-All containers are safe

Inside it has:
-Altar of Dibella, Julianos and Talos.
-Marriage bedroom.
-Alchemy and enchantment table.
-A very beautiful and special arrows.
-Weapons racks plaques.
-3 lamps that can be turned off.

Outside is:
-Cliff to see the scenery, moons and stars, with skin to lie down.
-A tombstone, with a chest and a little story.
-4 lanterns that can be turned off.
-With the lamp that is in the wood, you can turn off the lamps in the house, the shed and the grave.
-Shooting area.
-Full crafting.
-A puddle, with a pelt for lie down.
-A horse, some goats and cows.
-An orchard and deer hunting.

Where is it?

It is located near Rorikstead, just below Lund´s Hut


With NMM or copy and paste the files in the Data folder of the Skyrim installation.


- Bethesda for making Skyrim.
- Nexus for giving me the opportunity to publish.
- To you for your downloads and encouragement to continue creating.
- And my Team, a small group, which unites the same illusion, make it bigger, the ObliSan Team.

-My attention and thanks to Ilpinfas (Sanchez) for their help, advice,
tutorials, explanations and your time.
-Oblivionlaserie Igualmene to thank you for your help, your time and the beautiful video
he has done.

Contact sites (Spanish)

ObliSan Team Foro
ObliSan Team Taringa
ObliSan Team Blog

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