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A better Design for Torches

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Check this Video and please Endorse the Maker of the Video for his Excellent Work in making these Beautiful Mod Review Videos ! Thanks so much Bro !

I have always loved those things. Making a HD Retexture for Torches was not enough for me cause I was still not satisfied with the Look of it. So I have completely Redone the Torches from Scratch to give them a more better looking Design which will better Suite into the World of Skyrim ! ( Into my World of Skyrim ) This is a High Quality Mod with 2K Textures - 2048x2048 !
I hope you like it ! I just want to Share it with you cause I think many Players out there need them

This Mod will Replace your Torch in your Inventory with a completely new Model and betterlooking Design. However I did not changed the Ones in the Caves and Clutters that are stuck to the Walls or that you can Pick up from there ! So the Torches there will still look the Same ! I have decided not to Change them so I can still use my other Mod on them. So I can use 2 different Mods on Torches at the Same time. This Mod is also in my Opinion absolutely Lore Friendly !

Also Check the Video Section for further Details and looks of the Mod !
or you can also watch the Video here !


IF you want to use my HD Retexture for Vanilla Torches you can find it here

Both Mods are Compatible with each other ! So you can also use them at the same time.

The Weapon on the Screenshots can be Found here - It is the Bar Mace !

Update: There is now a Secon Version available


Credits to Nexus and Bethesda !

Simply drop the Data Folder into your Skyrim Main Directory !

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