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A complete, hi-def re-texture of High Hrothgar.

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This is a complete re-texture of High Hrothgar, now available in two flavors:

HD | most textures are 4x their original size, larger textures (2048x2048) are 2x the original size
Lite | HD textures scaled down to native, vanilla texture sizes (1x)

All assets were redone from scratch (no resolution bump/unsharp mask - that's bush league). Textures are a bit darker than vanilla, that was a design decision.

v2.0 Note - I scaled down most larger normal maps to improve loading times and performance with very little quality loss. However, I kept some normals native to the higher texture resolution because I felt the loss in quality was more noticeable. I felt I could get away with this because, for the most part, those larger normal maps show up indoors, where performance would be less of an issue. This was a simple judgment call, but you are more than welcome to downsize normals on your own if you'd like.

I've been a part of Nexus for years, happily downloading hundreds of outstanding mods made by some very talented individuals - this is simply an attempt to give back to the community in a small way.

This is my first ever mod, so I am absolutely open to suggestions. I've still got a few kinks I'm working out, but nothing so outstanding that I don't feel I can't release the first version. Constructive criticism is welcomed.

This little project has given me a new appreciation for the people whose mods I have enjoyed over the years. Even as a decent Photoshopper, this tested my creativity and problem solving skills more than I would have thought. So, as meager an effort this might be, I dedicate it to Nexus and the amazing modders herein.

- some seams visible if you look hard enough - was driving me nuts until I loaded vanilla textures and the same seams appeared. I guess it's a modeling/mapping issue, which I don't have the expertise to address

- the exterior stair texture, which appears immediately outside Hrothgar (in front and in courtyard), are grossly mismatched to the model. This happens in vanilla too - the gaps in the stones fall in odd locations on each step. Working on a fix.

- the large counsel room table is intentionally pretty smooth and glossy, I like it that way

- completely reworked most textures, added depth and detail - overall I think it looks much better
- all normal maps redone to add depth and correct snow accumulation where appropriate
- added Lite version
- updated screenshots to compare vanilla, Lite, and HD textures