About this mod

Adds a new, powerful staff that was once popular in Runescape. Comes in 2k and 4k resolutions.

Permissions and credits

What this mod includes: 

Iban's Staff (Staff)
• Enchantment Points: 450 / Enchantment Cost: 25

Weapon Effect:

• Iban Blast: Fires an explosive skull that deals powerful fire damage and knocks enemies back. Staff charge time is increased by 30%


• Iban's Staff can be found under the bridge to the College of Winterhold. Previously it had its own camp and NPC, however this would cause conflict with modern Whiterun overhauls, so it was removed for the update.


1) What ENB do you use?
• A modified version of Aeon ENB

2) Can you make x-handed version of this?
• Unlikely if it's not already included in the mod.

3) Can you make an .esl?
• I have no plans to upgrade to a mod manager that supports .esl files.

4) Can you make a DSR patch?
• It's usually mentioned on the files tab if one is included or not.

If for some reason the files do not work, cause crashes
or any other problems, please do not hesitate to contact me.

All screenshots are taken directly from the game and resized down from 1920x1080 to 1280x720. No other editing has been done. 

Under no circumstance is this mod allowed to be uploaded to another website without my given permission. No permission will be granted in regards to porting to console.