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Makes spells in your hands emit light. Check description for more features.

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Immersive Spells & Light
NEW FEATURES in v1.0: Enchant lights, Atronach lights, flame cloak lights and translation files. If you like to translate, download the "loose" version, there are some .txt files you can edit, no need to manipulate .esp. Use Notepad++ for this and set enconding to "UCS-2 Little Endian". You can post your translation files here on Nexus.

Compatibility patches for NODLC version added:
Use NODLC if don't have all DLC then add a compatibility fix for what you have. Ignore Hearthfires, it needs no compatibility fix.

UPGRADING from v0.9, needed due to some major changes:
- Go into options, disable "Enable Player Spell Light" AND "Enable NPC Scanner"
- Save your game then uninstall mod
- Load your game and wait until SkyUI removes the "Immersive Spells" entry, SkyUI is slow could take few minutes. Run around and do things if it refuses.
- Save again. Quit and install new version, then save. Done, when loading further saves no errors appear in log.

You can verify if it worked by equipping a spell in left hand, then unequip in spell menu. If the light stays even if you have no active spells, it didn't work ! This will also happen if you simply overwrite mod versions without uninstalling properly !

What's this mod for?
It simulates light sources for spells, enchants, hazards and gives you some options to configure for your needs. Best is to check out my demo video. BEWARE stealthers, NPCs see those lights and react to it like they would to a torch !

This mod has a high level of compatibility, may work with every mod released so far. It only ADDS things, it doesn't remove or change anything what could break a mod. It could conflict with mods which register "WeaponDraw" and "WeaponSheate" animations for player.

Compatibility patches for custom spells may come soon by adding ingame options to assign colors.

SKSE needed + SKYUI (MCM) optional for ingame settings
If you don't have all DLCs, use the compatibility versions. Check the descriptions there what to do.

- spell lights for player
- option to have colored spell lights, works only for vanilla + all dlcs (will add spell mod support later)
- option to make all spells glow in mono color
- hazard lights added, fire/ice/lightning on ground cast by spells will shine
- torches for humanoid races (nord, elf etc.), chance can be set in SkyUI options
- option to have enchants cast lights, seperate radius options for 2H, 1H, Dagger
- Atronachs, Frost/Fire/Storm cloak spells have lights now

- to install use Nexus Mod Manager, place at bottom of load order.
- before you uninstall, disable player lights + npc scanner in options to disable script activity.
- after SKSE was installed, don't forget to start game using skse_loader.exe and not steam/skyrim.exe

- Spell color compatibility patcher (SkyProc) but will require some .txt editing, no CK required
- No DLC requirements anymore
- Code improvements, like a spell cache