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This a reupload and updated version of my old file with the same name. It now covers the latest ENB binaries settings and functions and explains it all with text and images.

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This Guide intends to make it easier for ENB beginners to understand every aspect of the ENBSeries mod and how to adjust the settings so you can understand what each of them do. So that in the end you can create your own visual idea on how Skyrim should have looked from the beginning.


I don't give any permission to re-upload this to any other site by any other person.

If you really want to re-upload this somewhere else, you must first contact me and tell me why you can't just simply add a link to this thread.

Guide features:

  • Explains all of the settings found in each of the ENBSeries related files
  • Show before and After pictures for each value for an easier understanding of how changing that particular setting affects the visual look of your game.
  • Include links to an online gallery with 1080p pictures to better see even the smallest detail changes a setting does.
  • My own personal and "simplified" explanation for all of the settings, experienced ENB users or code developers might see some fault in my explanation but this was not intended to be technical accurate but as easy as possible to understand.
  • Links to external Pastebin, Wikipedia and other websites with extended explanation on how the functions work and adjust the visuals of the game.
  • PDF file with headers to allow fast and easy movement through the file, already know that sections settings just jump right past it by using the Bookmarks that can be found on the left side of Adobe Reader. Or wherever the bookmarks is placed in your PDF viewer/reader.

List of what the different parts will cover;

  • Part 1 - Explains the enbseries.ini.
  • Part 2.1 - Explains Boris default enbeffect.fx.
  • *Part 2.2 - Explains HD6 default enbeffect.fx.
  • *Part 3 - Will cover the enbbloom.fx file
  • *Part 4 - Will cover the enbeffectprepass.fx file
  • *Part X - Will cover Mods, Tools and resources that will enhance the ENB experience.

* I have yet to upload all of the parts of the guide and will do so once finished. I have a lot of other things that I work on that takes up time but the parts will be done and uploaded.