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Light Armor

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video by izon87604

This plugin adds a light armor to the game.
Includes suit, gloves, boots, helmet.
A hakama, which is carried by the blades if they train,
or if they need an alternative to their cumbrous, heavy armor.
You can manufacture it at the forge and there is also one set tucked,
outside the Sleeping Giant In, in Riverwood.
Search for a sack.

The armor values are somewhat below the bandit armor.
Optional: Unarmored cloth version file.

For those who unconditionally want to weave the folded cloth themselves, NoiseBomb91 has made this Expansion: TNB Craftable Folded Cloth

- Release
- Topless variation for males added, shape of female version revised.
- Topless variation for females added.
- Unhooded helmet added.
- Fixed wrong size of Texture in the
- Add Blades Hakama into the Sky Haven Chest and change Esbern's outfit.
- Fixed disappearance of forearms while wearing gauntlets.
- Change wrong consistency flags value in the Nif of CBBE topless female version.

If you want to Esbern wears the hakama, please load the plugin at a save point before entering High Hrothgar
to talk to Arngeir during the quest ''The Throat of the World''.
If you load the plugin afterwards, it will not affect Esbern's outfit.
Not every hairstyle fits to the unhooded helmet. With some of them there are clipping issues,
especially with the higher ones.
This can not be avoided, or I would have to leave off the hair completely.

This plugin was created with Blender, Gimp, and the Creation Kit

When using the plugin or parts of it for projects that are published
I ask for a reference to me as the author of ''Blades Hakama''.

If there are severe issues, please report.

You can contact me at Skyrim Nexus.

My thanks goes to Bethesda and the Nexus Network
Caliente for the CBBE body, Dimon99 for the UNP body
and NoiseBomb91 for TNB Craftable Folded Cloth.