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This modification changes the many aspects of the game (add character attributes, new experience system, changed almost every formula of the game), and all modification changes also affect the NPC. And this mod compatible with almost every other gameplay mods (there are compatibility patches for SkyRe and Requiem).

Permissions and credits
This modification changes the many aspects of the game, the main ones are listed below. The mod removes all the possible restrictions and balance does not fall into hell. All modification changes also affect the NPC.
I'm sorry for my bad English, if you can't understand text below.


The six attributes were added in game (strength, endurance, intelligence, willpower, agility and cunning). Attributes affect the efficiency of the corresponding skill and some other parameters:
  1. 1. Strength - one-handed, two-handed weapon, marksman, regeneration of health, unarmed damage, carried weight.
  2. 2. Endurance - block, smithing, heavy armor, health per level, armor, disease and poison resistance.
  3. 3. Intelligence - conjuration, illusion, enchantment, magicka per level, magic resistance, maximum of reflection damage.
  4. 4. Willpower - alteration, destruction, restoration, magicka regeneration, resistance to fire, cold, electricity.
  5. 5. Agility - light armor, pickpocket, sneak, stamina regeneration, weapon speed, speed, crit.rating, jump height, fall damage.
  6. 6. Cunning - lockpicking, alchemy, speechcraft, stamina per level, maximum of reflection damage.

Attributes of your character will be randomly generated at start of game (mean values depend on character race, you can disable random generation) and you'll get chance to change your attributes. Immediately after that, you'll choose 6 main skills that will get first legendary level.
The other parameters of player depend on SkillMod [SkillMod = (AttribVal / 8) * SkillValue] instead value of skill, or on average of SkillMods of skills corresponding to some attribute. Also attributes increase speed of learning corresponding skills.
Attributes do not change further (unlike previous games TES), they determine the character's propensity for certain skills. Attributes NPCs depending on their race.


Unlike vanilla Skyrim, you gain character experience for killing, quests and using noncombat skills (enchanting, alchemy, smithing, pickpocket and lockpicking). Each time you level up, you can choose to increase one parameters (health, magic or stamina) and spend skill points for increasing skills. Cost of increasing skill depends on its corresponding characteristics. You can defer distribution of skill points for later. Then you can call up LevelUp menu by pressing button [ ' ]. You can disable this system; in this case attributes increase skill experience and decrease character experience for increasing skills.


Skills increase to infinity (this mod is not compatible with any Uncapper).
Now skill modifiers of effects of fortifying skills are added to SkillMod of this skill instead multiplied.
Skills with their attributes affect other parameters of character (speed, regenerations, resists, etc).


The duration and strength increase with corresponding skill and damaging spells can deal critical damage. Target level and intelligence skills increase resistance to effects of paralysis, calm, rage, and fear.
Also cost of spells is reduced with corresponding skill, but increases with character level.


Now only perks improve the quality of enchantment. This skill improves the ability to use enchanted items, as well as skills improve magic spells. This was done in order to play the artifacts did not lose its relevance.
Extra effect perk makes it possible to enchant the extra enchantments depending on enchanting skill, but the enchantment will be weaker (the penalty is reduced to the level).
[ Max.Enchantments = 1 + enchanting / 100 ]


Now only perks improve the quality of created potions and poisons. This skill improves the ability to use potions and poisons, as well as skills improve magic spells.
You can get a few potions at a time, depending on SkillMod of alchemy.


Armor and resistances can now grow to infinity, you will still receive damage. Weapon skills in addition to increasing damage improve armor penetration. Resulting resistance will always be between 0% and 100%. All the same is true for the block.
Similarly, magic skills and enchanting improve penetration of magic resistance, alchemy improve penetration of poison resistance.
Parameter critical chance is replaced by crit.rating, which may increase without bound. It increases the critical hit chance and critical damage. Crit.rating increases with the skills of agility (ie, average value of their SkillMods).
The balance between the skills of endurance and agility determines that makes armor absorb damage or give chance to ignore it (you can disable this option).


Changed formula of calculate weapon damage and armor:
for weapons:
damage = BaseWeaponDamage * (1 + SkillMod * a + SharpeningMod)
damage = (BaseWeaponDamage + SharpeningBonus) * (1 + Skill * a),
for armors:
Armor= BaseArmor * (1 + SkillMod * b) + TemperingBonus
Armor = (BaseArmor + TemperingBonus) * (1 + Skill * b),
where a and b are some constants.
Also Smithing allows extracting more resources.


Speechcraft makes prices in the store more fair (it tends to equate the price of buying and selling), but your level makes prices less fair. Price of buying always higher than selling price.
Speechcraft also reduces the cost of bribing the guards.
Time between shouts is reduced with SkillMod of speechcraft, but increases with character level (there is optional file for disabling this).

Legendary skills.

When your skill above 100, you are able to make this skill legendary, having lost 25% of the skill. Level of legendary skill gives a bonus to the attribute corresponding to this skill, but the bonus is valid only for this skill.

Other changes.

Regeneration speed is no longer dependent on the maximum value of the parameter (health, magicka, stamina). Regeneration speed increase with SkillMod of relevant attribute.
SkillMod of agility increases jump height and reduced fall damage. But jump height and fall damage are limited to a certain value, which depends on the agility.
Chance of pickpocketing never reaches 100%.
SkillMod of agility increases attack speed and run speed, but attack speed and run speed always less maximum speed which depends on agility.
SkillMod of strength increases unarmed damage and carried weight.
SkillMod of endurance increases armor bonus and bonuses for disease resistance and poison resistance.
SkillMod of intelligence increases bonus to magic resistance.
SkillMod of willpower increases bonuses to resistance of fire, cold, electricity.
Maximum of damage reflection depends on cunning.
Maximum of chance absorb magic depends on intelligence.
Werewolf in beast form gets bonuses +2 to strength and endurance, +1 to agility, but loses racial modifiers of attributes.
Vampires get +1 to strength, willpower and agility. And in Vampire lord form they get +1 to endurance and willpower, but lose racial modifiers of attributes as werewolf.
You can see the values of some parameters of character in MCM-menu.


The mod was created specifically as compatible with other mods. It is not compatible with mods that change much magic system (there is patches of compatibility for Requiem, SkyRe). Put this mod last in load order.
If you play with SkyRe, you must UNinstall Skyrim -Community- Uncapper (In this modification is integrated own uncapper).
Description of magical effects weren't changed for compatibility, so the description "+ X% to something" does not correspond to reality, but high X is better.


Skyrim version 1.9.32.
Skyrim Script Extender.
Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2012.


Extract the content into your Skyrim\Data folder. Activate SGI.esp and put it last in the list of downloads. Do the same with compatibility patch, if necessary.


Deactivate SGI.esp, remove scripts:

And you must remove SGI.dll from “Skyrim\Data\SKSE\Plugins\”, if you do not do it, then the game will cease to run.


This mod has MCM-menu, but settings in this menu affect on all yours save games. You can’t edit all settings in this menu.

About 2da-files.

These files are text tables. You can open these files with notepad.


Column "Attribute" determines which attribute correspond to this skill.
On fSkillMult will multiply experience while leveling this skill.


Sets values of some settings Skyrim. Other mods can't change these settings.


Here defined modifiers of attributes for the different races.