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I have had many requests to create followers from my Ningheim Girl Presets. So far, Geegee and I have converted Elise, Braith and Skyla into followers. If there is enough interest (download, endorse or leave a comment) we may convert some of the other ladies as well.

Braith and Elise can be found inside Jorrvaskr. Skyla is in Whiterun's Temple of Kynareth. Elise is an archer and 2-handed warrior, Braith is a dual-wielding rogue and Skyla is a mage. All of them prefer light armor and have good sneak skills. As they level up, Elise will also improve her conjuration skill, Braith will improve her archery and destruction skills and Skyla will improve her 1-handed skills. At higher levels (after their primary skills have maxed out), they will improve even more skills.

Skyla only knows a firebolt spell by default. You will need to use UFO or a similar mod to teach her additional spells.

Note that there are only a limited number of readily available vanilla Skyrim weapons that NPCs can use in their off-hand for dual-wielding: Forsworn Sword, Forsworn Axe, or a Pickaxe. We gave Braith a custom ebony dagger that should be useful when she reaches higher levels. You may find this weapon to be overpowering early in the game. If so, swap it out with one of the aforementioned vanilla weapons.

Elise and Braith are available in separate mods under the optional files section. One of the main files combines both followers into one mod.

The original Elise mod has been updated to 1.1 to fix some very minor issues (primarily a conflict with geegee's Gina mod). See "Upgrade Notes" below if you are upgrading from Elise 1.0 to Elise 1.1 or the combined version.

Thank you to DyingAtheist for the video review of Elise.

Required Mods:
The Ningheim Race by Seren4XX HelloSanta Urshi and co Load this mod AFTER Ningheim.

ApachiiSkyHair (Used with permission.)

Upgrade Notes:
As of version 1.1, the Elise mod esp has been renamed to avoid confusion with the combined mod. If you upgrade from Elise ver 1.0, take back any gear that you have given her and then uninstall the old mod.