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Real Clouds 2.0
By Soolie


This mod adds pseudo-volumetric clouds to Skyrim, i.e realistic 3D clouds.
These clouds will change in coverage and altitude depending on the current weather.
As well as normal clouds, there are also rain clouds which you can see raining in the distance,
(at close distances they will look like fog).
There is also a random variation applied to the coverage and altitude to create more variation. This mod also adds 3d lightning strikes both up close and in the distance.


This pretty much does what it says on the tin.
These clouds are real 3D objects which will react to the current weather.
You can touch them, fly through them, fly over them, fly under them, drink them when they rain on you
(you can see rain in the distance)

Clouds are controlled by a script which will give the cloud layer a random height and coverage based on the current weather type. There are also chances of 'extreme' events, such as 100% coverage at a low height,
or even no clouds at all.
In addition to regular clouds, you will also encounter rain clouds which dump their load off in the distance.
Rain clouds also double as fog at close distances as the rain effect can look like fog up close. Realistic lightning has also been added both up close and in the distance.

• Pseudo-volumetric clouds •

• Distant rain effects •

• Clouds react to weather, (low dense coverage during fog/rain/snow, sparse high coverage for clear weather) •

• Random variation to cloud coverage and altitude to maximize weather diversity •

• Blends perfectly with Skyrim's already existing cloud and sky textures. •

• 'In cloud' camera effects. •

• full compatibility with pretty much everything (including other weather mods) •

• Real 3d distant and close up lightning •

• And all this with no noticeable performance hit! :D •

Please feel free to leave any comments suggestions or questions in the comments.


1. Extract the files to a temporary location.

2. Copy files to SkyrimData

3. Start Skyrim Launcher, click 'Data Files', place a check-mark beside the RealClouds.esp file.

4. Play the game :)




1. Start Skyrim Launcher, click Data Files, un-check the RealClouds.esp file.

2. Delete Real Clouds.esp and all the files related to this mod


-Updating to a New Version-

1. Uninstall the old version.

2. Install the new version.

3. Start the Game :D


Other Mods:
This is compatible with pretty much everything. Even other weather mods, this will not replace or overwrite anything from other mods. Please note, this mod was designed to run with the vanilla weathers. It will still function with mods such as climates of tamriel (not fully tested) . however you will get the best experience with vanilla weather.

-Known Issues or Bugs-

Occasionally you will see clouds suddenly disappear or appear in the sky. Unfortunately I have not yet found a way to fix this. However, It is not noticeably during normal game play; It is only really apparent when directly looking at the sky for a period of time.

Sometimes clouds will flicker when the camera is moved past an area of high cloud coverage. So far I'm not sure how this can be fixed, however I will investigate, and if anyone can help then it would be appreciated :)


2.00, 01/04/2014



-A more realistic cloud model

-Improved weather detection

-Custom world space support

-COT compatibility

- More balanced cloud coverage. (i.e no more 24/7 dark clouds )

-Removed visual bugs such as seams, visible intersections with other geometry, etc.

-Clouds are now visible from any distance

-"in the clouds" camera effects

1.01, 04/08/2013

- Fixed sharp borders between cloud/rain and other objects

- Removed some seams in the cloud texture

- Changed cloud texture to have more color and definition

- Reduced cloud/rain movement speed to 25% of original speed

1.0, 02/08/2013

- Initial release.


You can find me on the Nexus as 'Soolie'


You must contact me (Soolie) and obtain my permission before re-packaging, translating, re uploading to any website or using any part of this mod in your own.