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Tutorial and example file of how to make a fomod NMM installer for your mod.

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This is a tutorial and example file of how to make a fomod NMM installer for your mod. Inside the download you'll find an Instructions.rtf - read it. It'll explain all of the tags of the xml files required, what they do, and how to use them. Some example xml files are also provided so that you can see how it's done.

Personally I wanted one when I was trying to figure out how to make an NMM installer but I simply couldn't find one. The only ones I could find were extremely long and far more complicated than they needed to be. This one just covers the basics of exactly what you need to do to make yours work for your mod.

I go into detail with what all of the tags and fields do, to a point, but if you have a basic grasp of any kind of code, even basic HTML or BBCode will do, then you can probably just check out the provided xml files and you'll have a pretty good idea of what's going on and what you need to do and then you can check the instruction file if you come up with any questions you need to reference.

If you've looked at the xml files and read everything in the Instructions.rtf and are still scratching your head then it may be helpful to go ahead and head on over to my CBBE Innies mod that I based this installer on (WARNING: It's NSFW and contains adult content, and nudity). You can download that file manually and check out how I have the xml files set up. They should be almost identical to this but with the fields filled in so you can see how one works in action if you can't figure it out. It shouldn't be necessary, but I'm just going to suggest that as a last resort.

Also as an important note: I didn't mention in the instructions that you'll need to open the xml file with notepad (or ideally something like Notepad++ for syntax highlighting), because you're not going to get much use out of it if you just double click it and let it open in your browser. So make sure you're editing it with the text editor of your choice.

1.2 - August 26th 2013
-It turns out that NMM isn't actually smart enough to install your mod if you only put the source folder and leave the destination blank. It'll go all the way through then when you click finish it'll say "Mod Not Activated" - this is at present time of editing with NMM 1.45.6. Each file needs to be explicitly defined and linked to.
1.1 - August 9th 2013
-added information explaining Flags and made the moduleConfig much more complex
-a simple moduleConfig is still included
-added information about file source and destination that will save people a lot of time
-explained what the config tag up at the top of the xml file does just to make a certain someone happy
1.0 - August 2nd 2013
-initial release