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Space. Like a manor should have. A remodel and extension of the exterior of Lakeview Manor.

Permissions and credits
Cleaned with Tes5Edit V3.0.30
All new areas are handmeshed

Lakeview Gardens Guardhouse


This update adds a guardhouse to Lakeview Gardens.
It's situated outside the property wall.
There are 4 female guards. They are very simple. They cannot be followers and you cannot marry them. There are plenty of those mods available, so I
didn't bother.
They will just patrol around the house and in their "chill" time they will either sleep or sit around the pool.
Armor wise they just wear a modified version of the Whiterun Guard Armor. It's blue and they do not have shields. 
Between the four of them they carry a bow, a mace, a longsword and a normal sword. All ebony. 
When there are unwanted guests they will attack. They are essential so they are quite tough.
You need the main file (Lakeview Gardens) installed for this to work.   
To install, copy the contents of the Guardhouse zip to your data folder. Overwrite the esp.
You should only use one esp.


Quick Update 2013/09/01

I've uploaded an esp that takes away the quarry, as for some reason it's started to show up for some users. This changes nothing except take away the quarry completely. (Pickaxe and loose stones included)
If you don't have issues with the quarry, you do not need this.

[size=8]V2.0 Update Lakeview Gardens[/size]


Firstly, the name change is purely to avoid confusion. It is an updated version of Lakeview Exterior, which is now considered the old version.
If you have Lakeview Exterior and you want to use this one, please delete the old bsa and esp and use the bsa and esp from V2.0
For installation, see below.

This version was started from scratch, after it was pointed out that there were issues with lumber-buying quests and stewards stripping and running into the animal pen and milking the horse.
Thank you to Darknite and Torneach for pointing a finger at me and shaking their heads.

The lumber issue has been resolved. You can now buy lumber as intended without any trouble. I moved the pile to the other side of the manor wall. Feel free to disable it if it's in your way. It shouldn't be. Outa sight, outa mind.

The clay deposits have been removed. As has the quarry. (There is a quarry a few meters away at Pinewatch)
Drusilla will sell you clay if you are really too lazy to find a different clay mine.

  • Lakeview Underground is bigger. So is the jacuzzi. The layout is pretty much the same though. I added two mannequins and some towels. 
  • I replaced the lights with Japanese lamps. It's not lore-friendly, I know, but it doesn't look out of place. 
  • Drusilla has had a bit of a makeover. She is prettier (in my opinion anyway) and the issue with her gold not respawning has been fixed. I have tested this many times over. 
  • There are now two beds, so she has a choice. Spoiled brat.
  • The pool outside is slightly bigger, but not much. 
  • Added some more plants
  • Added torches to the two main entrances as well as lights (the same Japanese ones) to the two roads leading to the Manor.
  • These lights and torches will turn on at 18:00 in the evening and turn off at 06:00 in the morning. 
  • The grass is a different texture. It's more aesthetically pleasing than before. 
  • I removed the Necromancer Altar by the lake. Most mods that puts something different there should be compatible, but I am not 100 percent sure of this fact. 

The rest has remained pretty much unchanged. You'll notice the stream is a little different, and if you fall into the waterfall chasm you'll have to do some rock climbing to get out.
Let me know if you encounter any strangeness please. 


This mod started out as a small play area for the children, took on a life of its own, and turned into a full blown remodel of Lakeview Manor's exterior.
This mod is not littered with clutter. You won't find a 289 barrels and 436 miscellaneous sacks and 94 wallmounted goat heads. 
It's called a manor. Manors have large open spaces. That was the idea behind this mod.
It was designed around  Lakeview Manor Interior , but any combination of rooms is compatible.


  • Two actual walkways on the sides of the manor. No more falling off the cliff on one side and walking into the mountain on the other.
  • A wall surrounding the entire property.
  • A waterfall in the front yard surrounded by grass and plants and palm trees. A creek runs through the property wall (a grate, not the actual wall) and all the way down to the lake.
  • The creek runs parallel to a low-walled road from the lake to the manor.
  • A similar road leads up to the manor from the main road coming from Falkreath.
  • A pool in the back with wooden decking. 
  • If you have children, they will sit with their feet in the water, lie on the deck, play some nice (silent) music for you on their drums and lutes.
  • Also in the back is a gazebo and a small fire pit with chairs surrounding it. 
  • On the other side of the pool is a new building called Lakeview Underground. Nothing really fancy. It goes ... underground... into a bar. There is also a jacuzzi in there. 
  • Drusilla might not be the prettiest NPC in Skyrim ( I suck at creating them) but she will sell you a bunch of crap and you can also get rid of some of that junk you carry around. 
  • She works from 08:00 until 22:00 and then she will sleep in the little back room for a few hours.
  • There are four weapon plaques and three Hearthfire Trophy pedestals.
  • Plenty of markers to keep the NPC's occupied, including the Housecarl. You'll see her wandering outside the gates to make sure you and your family are safe.
  • As mentioned, the kids will now sandbox in the back, and not in the front of the manor.
  • The available chests and barrels are all set not to respawn, so you can safely store your loot in them





Copy the BSA and ESP into your Data folder. Or use NMM.
This is very important. Please read carefully and follow these steps even more carefully. 
I made massive changes to the landscape and if you don't follow these steps, your manor will be surrounded by weirdness. Floating grass being one of the culprits.
  • If you have a spouse and / or kids, move them somewhere else first. Anywhere but Breezehome, as Breezehome is too close to Lakeview (I've heard rumors that Honeyside is quite a cool place )
  • When they are all safe in the other house, quit the game.
  • Start the game without my mod
  • Make a clean save (not a quicksave)
  • Quit the game
  • Start the game with my mod loaded 
  • Make another clean save.
  • Quit and start again.

I know it's tedious but it's the only way. It could also be beneficial if you wait a day or two. Or fast travel to Volkihar and back a few times. It sounds stupid but this "settles" all the new stuff.
To uninstall, simply delete my BSA and ESP.



The road at the bottom, by the lake, clashes with Talos Island - Reborn. Thanks to Arkayn71 for pointing that out to me.
This mod will not be compatible with any other mod that does the same thing, in other words, no other exterior modification. I did not touch the Necro Altar at the bottom though, and I am using the fishing dock.
Any mod that changes the altar should be compatible.

[size=8]Permissions & Credits[/size]



Feel free to change whatever you want, but please do not upload to other sites. And if you upload to Nexus, get my permission first.
  • First thanks goes out to all the modders. It doesn't matter what mod you make, it takes time and it takes effort and patience. Big up to all of you. Respect.
  • Cipscis and M3rvin for the lighting scripts
  • Tamira, your plants are awesome and I know we shouldn't ask, but can you animate them?
  • Tamira (again)  and Walery Nowak Walery Nowak for the rocking horses.
  • Stroti for his Rustic Furniture
  • Insanity for the towels, lamps and rugs
  • Gentester
  • Artisanix for his Painting Frames meshes
  • Oaristys & Tony67. I use your stuff everywhere. Thanks 
  • Bethesda and the guys from NifSkope
  • And last but not least, Vivian, for listening to my incessant Skyrim babble and helping me a lot with the testing. Mwah!

[size=8]Side Note[/size]




Constructive criticism is welcome.
I'm open to suggestions if there is something specific you want in the mod.
If you like it, please endorse it!

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