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Clean game save everywhere along the main quest, without using any mods or console commands.

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Clean game saves everywhere along the main quest. I saved 36 times as I played the game, in various significant places. I completely uninstalled Skyrim, and Nexus Mod manager, and deleted EVERYTHING that was related to them, including all files on my computer they put there. I then reinstalled Skyrim, and did the Main Quest only. I used a one-handed sword and Heavy Armor (Imperial). I also used the healing power, which raised my restoration. I did not loot anyone or anything (unless I had to for the quest), and tried as hard as I could to avoid starting any other quests.
Dragon Bones and Scales I collected are in the chest in front of Sky Haven Temple.
The Negotiations were:
Riften goes to Imperials, Markarth goes to Stormcloaks. Ulfric pays for Karthwasten.
Here is a list of the game saves:
001: After the Cartride to Helgen
002: Before the Western Watchtower
003: On the 7,000 Steps
004: Before the Troll fight on the 7K Steps
005: After the Troll fight
006: High Hrothgar
007: After Ustengrav
008: Giving the Horn of Jurgen Windcaller (Final Trial for Greybeards)
009: After the Greybeard greeting (being officially Dragonborn)
010: Before the Thalmor Embassy
011: After Thalmor Embassy
012: After Esbern
013: Before Sky Haven Temple
014: Alduin\'s Wall
015: Before meeting Paarthunax (Learned Clear Skies Shout)
016: Before Alftand
017: Before the Dwarven Centurion at Alftand
018: After the Dwarven Centurion
019: Blackreach
020: Tower of Mzark - After Blackreach (Before using the Lexicon)
021: Before Elder Scroll (after doing the Lexicon puzzle)
022: After Elder Scroll
023: After Using Elder Scroll/Before 1st Alduin Fight
024: After 1st Alduin Fight
025: Before the Peace Council (Negotiations)
026: After the Peace Council
027: Captured Odahviing
028: Arrived at Skuldafn
029: Before Entering Skuldafn Temple
030: After Using Diamond Claw
031: Before Entering Sovngarde
032: After entering Savngarde
033: Hall of Valor
034: Before fighting Alduin
035: After defeating Alduin
036: Everything Complete - Throat of the World (After the dragons are gone)

The character is a nord, level 1. I did not level up, so you can go to the level up screen, and add Health/Stamina/Magicka as you please, and choose any perks you want. The only setting I changed was to put the game on Novice difficulty (It\'s hard when you can\'t level up). Everything else is the same. No mods or console commands used, and did not buy or sell anything.
And there you have it. Hope you enjoy.

You may do anything you want with the file, or use it in any mods, no need to ask my permission or credit me.