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Well they are!
And they cost 10 Septims!
I could get a nice bit of that Breton cheese for that!
Try these instead, choose between 9 teddy bears & 2 little Elven dolls, quality guaranteed!
Now including display stands!!!

Permissions and credits
Hearthfire Dolls Are Ugly! V.2.0
Also available for Skyrim SE HERE

Well they are!
And they cost 10 Septims!
I could get a nice bit of that Breton cheese for that!
Try these instead, choose between 9 teddy bears & 2 little Elven dolls, quality guaranteed!

This mod is a replacer for the god-awful sack-cloth & straw dolls in the Hearthfire DLC. (Hearthfire DLC required!)

Now you can own all bears and dolls and now includes 3 displays. Unfortunately the game still limits your child to only playing with one which you select on install (NMM only, hand install instructions below).
To change the selected doll/bear simply right click the mod in NMM, select the reinstall option then select a different bear or doll.
All dolls/bears and displays are now levelled, you'll need to reach level 25 to collect them all.
The best places to buy are the Khajiit traders as they are the ones who make them though a selection is often available from the general stores you can find throughout the land (Khajiit traders are definately best though).

Version 2 Notes
As you are now able to collect and give all 11 dolls and bears to your daughters I have had to edit 2 of the original game files that control the giving and playing with of the the dolls/bears (AI Package & Idle Animation). This means that this mod WILL NOT BE COMPATIBLE WITH ANY OTHER MOD THAT DOES THE SAME THING! This is only applicable to the girls, any mods for the boys should be fine.

To use the display stands drop the display from your inventory then look at the display and hold <E> (or whatever you've rebound <Activate> to) to hold it in front of you and manuever into position then hit <E> again to drop.
Now activate the display and select <Lock> to lock it in place.
Activate again to place all dolls/bears in your inventory on the display where they'll be locked into place.
To take any doll/bear just take as normal.
If you are not entirely happy with the display's angle crouch activate and select <Rotate> then stand and turn your head to rotate the display in the direction you look.
Crouch again to re-lock.
You can also crouch-activate and select <Flip> to reverse which side the dolls/bears are facing.
To take the display crouch-activate and select <Unlock> then activate again and select <Take>.

A quick look at using the new display stands.

These bears and dolls are not made by me, I just altered them to be usable by the children and created the installer so you can switch them out whenever you like!
Full credit goes to Runspect for his Elven dolls (, Abitor from for the original teddy bear model and texture, Tamira for converting the model to be used in Skyrim and Ariont50 for the alternate teddy textures (

I HIGHLY recommend installing with NMM as installing by hand is tricky!
To install manually you will need to unpack the zip then examine the installer image in the Fomod folder and count from left to right, top row first then bottom, to decide which bear or doll you want to use, then in the script.cs file that is also in the Fomod folder, which can be opened with notepad, scroll to the bottom and you'll find the script's install instructions, the .nif of your choice must be renamed to doll.nif and placed in the appropriate folder, then the accompanying textures for that option must be copied to their designated folder, E.g:
} else if (CurrentDoll == 4) {
This is doll number 4-----^
CopyDataFile("Data/Meshes/_001_runs_elf_doll_boy.nif", "(Skyrim Install Path)/Data/Meshes/_BYOH/Clutter/Doll/Doll.nif");
-------------------------------------------^This file must be copied to this ^ folder and renamed.
CopyDataFile("Data/Textures/runs/toys/", "(Skyrim Install Path)/Data/Textures/runs/toys/");
CopyDataFile("Data/Textures/runs/toys/", "(Skyrim Install Path)/Data/Textures/runs/toys/");
--------------------------------And these ^ textures must be copied to this ^ folder.
Note: Bears are all default_bear.nif which needs to be copied and renamed to the same location & name(i.e. (Skyrim Install Path)/Data/Meshes/_BYOH/Clutter/Doll/Doll.nif).
Then rename the required textures to, & and copy into (Skyrim Install Path)/Data/Textures/clutter/Teddybear/(paste files here).
If these folders do not exist you will need to make them.
To uninstall either use NMM if you used that to install or delete those files you installed by hand.

Credit also to gentester & PCGirl who asked me to look into this as they hated the vanilla doll!


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